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Employee Service Recognition Event

25 Years: David Chesney, Chemistry, Marilyn Cooper, Humanities, Bruce Seely, CSA, Max Seel, former CSA dean

30 Years: Judy Anderson, CLS, Judy Fynewever, KIP, Karen Salo, CSA

35 Years: Bahne Cornilsen, Chemistry, Thomas Snyder, Biological Sciences, Donald Wareham,Chemistry

Retirees: Robert Keen, Biological Sciences, with 35 years of service and Gilbert Lewis, Mathematical Sciences, with 35 years of service… [read more]

Presenting Michigan Tech’s class of 2012

Like recent graduates, the class of 2012 comes of age during tough economic times and an uncertain job market. “A lot of diverse, diversity in terms of people coming from all nations from all over the world, but also diversity in terms of opportunities to engage with people from various backgrounds,” reflected Tsitsi Hungwe, a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major… [read more]

Archaeologist, Chemical Engineer Unite in a War on Rust

Industrial archaeology studies the past and seeks to enshrine it as heritage. In that undertaking, archaeologist Tim Scarlett, of the Department of Social Sciences, has his eyes focused far into the future: he wants an ironclad way to preserve artifacts in order “to curate into perpetuity.” Scarlett and chemical engineering professor Gerard Caneba have received $25,000 from the National Park Service to research methods to combat rust, which is iron’s ill fortune… [read more]

Nemiroff Honored for Astrophysics Research

From leading-edge research to extraordinary showmanship, few scientists have made as big an impact on their field as astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff, the corecipient of the 2012 Research Award. In nominating Nemiroff, physics professor Don Beck and Ravindra Pandey, chair of the physics department, cited his research based on gravitational lensing, noting that his groundbreaking predictions regarding binary stars, quasars and microlensing events have been proved correct…. [read more]