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Sidebar Right: Graduate Program Contact

This snippet creates the Contact boxed sidebar for Graduate Program Directors and Graduate Program Assistants.

Example of a Graduate Program Contact sidebar.

Sidebar right graduate program contact snippet.

The Graduate School must first create the Director and Assistant assets. Insert the appropriate Director asset into the Graduate Program Director field and the appropriate Assistant asset into the Graduate Program Assistant field.

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Sidebar Right: No Box Snippet

This snippet creates a space for adding content in the right sidebar with no additional special formatting. In the example below, the CpE Program section is a Sidebar Right: Box snippet and the ABET logo and bottom text are in a Sidebar Right: No Box snippet.

Example of a sidebar with a boxed area and a no box area.


Enter your content in the Content field. For each new section of content, use a different field. If you need more than two sections of content press the Tab key to get additional fields.

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Sidebar Right: Box Snippet

This snippet creates a shaded sidebar with a border and highlighted heading area.

Example of boxed right sidebar.

Sidebar right box snippet.

This snippet should only be used in the right sidebar region.

  1. Enter text into the Title field that will show up in the gray area at the top of the box.
  2. Enter content including text, images, videos, and more in the Content field to show up in the boxed area below the title. If you use headings in this field, begin with Heading 3.

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Editable Regions

A page includes several editable regions. A site’s homepage includes three editable regions and an interior page includes four. The editable region buttons are shown as green buttons on the page after you have clicked the Edit button in the Page Actions Toolbar. Additional Editable Regions can be found in the section properties files, discussed later in this workbook.


The following image shows the three of the editable regions of a page, each is edited separately from the other regions. One edit button corresponds to the intro content of the page, one for the main content, and the third to an additional content region. All sections are optional. The intro content region is formatted to be full screen width with a grey background and a partial gold bottom border. The main content region is the center area of the screen-width and the additional content region allows you to create full screen-width content.


When turned on, pages will also have two additional regions—Left Sidebar Content and Right Sidebar Content. Left sidebar content is the area beneath the left navigation and right sidebar content is the right sidebar.


Clicking a green Editable Region button allows you to edit that area using the TinyMCE content editor.

Personnel Information

There are five editable regions for a Personnel Information—Biography Title, Biography, Specialties Left, Specialties Right, and Main Content. If you are pulling information from an existing profile, you will not need to edit any of the regions. You will use a special field in Parameters instead.


Clicking on a green Editable Region button allows you to edit that area.

  • Biography Title: This is where you will set the heading for what is normally the Biography section. Full page listings only.
  • Biography: This is where the biography content will be entered. Full page listings only.
  • Specialties Left: This region can be used for Links of Interest, Areas of Expertise, or other content. You will create your own headings and use bulleted lists as needed. This will be the list on the left.
  • Specialties Right: This region can be used for Research Interests, Job Responsibilities, or other content. You will create your own headings and use bulleted lists as needed. This will be the lists on the right.
  • Main Content: This region of content will appear at the very bottom of the page. Full page listings only.

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