Creative Canvas Course Contest Winners Announced

Last spring, the Center for Teaching and Learning’s second annual Creative Canvas Course Contest (C-4) saw students nominate Canvas courses from almost every department that they felt were intuitive and easy to navigate, provided convenient access to course information and materials, and offered resources and activities that helped them succeed.

Nine courses were selected:

  • HU3151, Assistant Professor Lauren M. Bowen (HU)
  • CH1160, Associate Professor Paul Charlesworth (Chem)
  • FA3650, Assistant Professor Kalen Larson (VPA)
  • MEEM3502, Professor of Practice James DeClerck (ME-EM)
  • CS5821, Assistant Professor Timothy Havens (ECE)
  • BUS1100, Lecturer Michele Loughead (SBE)
  • MEEM4700, Professor Gordon Parker (ME-EM)
  • UN5100, Professor Judith Perlinger (CEE)
  • FW4370, Assistant Professor Joseph Wagenbrenner (SFRES)

After the results came in, some of the winners graciously provided short video course tours so that others can learn from the design features of their courses. The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). If you see anything in these course tours that you’d like to emulate, but don’t know how, eLearning walk-in hours are available at the center, and as always, for help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, visit Canvas One Stop.

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Megan Walsh Named This Year’s Humanities Departmental Scholar

Megan Walsh

Each year, Michigan Tech honors an outstanding student from each academic department with the prestigious Departmental Scholar award. On April 18, 2014, at the 20th Annual Student Awards Ceremony, Megan Walsh, in recognition of her exceptional record of achievement in 2013, was named as this year’s Departmental Scholar for the Humanities Department.

In Spring 2013, Megan co-founded Beyond the Glass Ceiling, a student publication that addresses issues of interest to women, and which has received expressions of enthusiastic support from former students and faculty all over the country. The publication was recently renamed UNDER_WIRE, and Megan serves as its editor and president. This Fall, Megan presented her paper “Speak Up: Finding a Feminist Voice in a Field of Resistance,” at MTU’s academic OSCLG conference. This paper focused on challenges she’s faced in effecting productive social change with UNDER_WIRE.

Megan also served as the Opinion Editor of The Lode, where she collaborated with other editors to improve the quality of the paper and help increase its readership. Her Opinion section was singled out for praise at a national conference on student newspapers in Chicago.

Finally, as an intern at PANK Magazine since last June, Megan’s performed a range of tasks, from copy editing to design consultation to mailings.

Megan is looking forward to working with GLAAD in Los Angeles this summer as an Entertainment Media intern. She’ll be writing reports and blog posts on the representation of LGBT characters in the media. She’ll also contribute research to GLAAD’s “Network Responsibility Index” and their Where We Are on TV publication.

Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco to Visit Michigan Tech

In Friday, April 4, Presidential inaugural poet and civil engineer Richard Blanco will visit Houghton for some special events on the Michigan Tech campus, including a reading and book signing.

From 1-3 pm in the Van Pelt & Opie Library’s East Reading Room, there will be a student forum and presentation. This is free, and open to the public. You can RSVP on our Facebook event page.

Blanco will be holding a reading and book signing from 7-9 pm in the Van Pelt & Opie Library’s East Reading Room. This is event is also free, and also open to the public. Please RSVP for the reading and book signing on our Facebook page.

Advisory Board Member: Sean Fernstrum

Sean Fernstrum is the President of R. W. Fernstrum & Company, a commercial marine heat exchanger manufacturer doing business worldwide. In addition to his career evolution including technical writing, sales, engineering and operations, he has been involved in a number of different charities, service organizations and boards, including the Michigan Tech Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Up to Our Necks in Plastic

Melissa Michaelson
Student makes a graphic point about water bottles
To make people think twice about their role in generating plastic waste, undergraduate Liberal Arts student Melissa Michaelson created a cascading display of six hundred plastic bottles she collected from recycle bins and dumpsters. Michaelson made the head-turning display last spring for a social-change assignment in a Humanities course, The Rhetoric of Everyday Texts. The exhibit was located at the Portage Lake District Library in Houghton.

“Seeing pictures of plastic pollution and noticing how big a problem it is made me think, ‘Where can we start?’” Michaelson said. “As I researched the topic, there was a lot of information on water-bottle consumption, so that made it an easy place to start and maybe an easy habit to change.”

The six hundred water bottles in the display represent less than one-half of what is consumed nationwide in one second, Michaelson said. And the plastic waste that accumulates is not the only negative effect. Each year, 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce plastic bottles.

All of the bottles used in Michaelson’s project were collected at Michigan Tech, although the University is doing its part to combat plastic-bottle waste; currently, there are water-bottle refill stations with filtered water in twelve locations on campus.

Michaelson’s exhibit aims to shock viewer and encourage them to change their plastic-bottle habits. He biggest challenge was finding an effective way to raise awareness without being there to talk to her audience. “just look at this,” she want her exhibit to say. “This is an issue. This is real. Let’s just take one small step.”

(This article originally appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of Michigan Tech Magazine.)

MTC Humanities Guest Lecturer Series Presents Laine Nooney

This Tuesday, November 5, the MTC Humanities Guest Lecturer Series presents a talk by Laine Nooney called “How We Compute History: Women, Computers and Gaming in the 1980s Household.”

Laine Nooney is a media archaeologist and cultural historian of computers and video games. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Stony Brook University in the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory. She is the Editorial Assistant to the Journal of Visual Culture, Assistant to the William A. Higinbotham Game Studies Collection, and recently assisted producing a documentary on the early analog computer game, Tennis for Two. She was also co-organizer of the first Different Games Conference, the first conference on diversity, difference and inclusivity in games and culture. Nooney has spoken internationally on women in game history, and has shared her research with NPR’s Marketplace, KillScreen, and NYU’s Game Center.

The lecture is at 5:00 pm in Walker 120. Refreshments will be served.

Northern Lights Film Festival 2013

The ninth annual Northern Lights Film Festival will feature filmmaker George Desort who will present his new film Fifty Lakes One Island and If You Build It, which Desort shot for director Patrick Creadon. We are also proud to present Joshua Oppenheimer’s remarkable documentary, The Act of Killing, as well as many other notable and award-winning independent documentary and feature films. The festival is free and open to the community. All events are in the Rosza Center for the Performing Arts.

Also screening at this year’s festival is Yoopera!, directed by MTU alum Suzanne Jurva and edited by Erin Smith. Much of Yoopera! was shot by recent CCM graduate Justin Jones with key production assistance from VPA graduate Chelsea Leighton and other Cin/Optic Enterprise team members. Visit the festival website or contact Erin Smith at for more information.

Advisory Board Member: Karen Koethe

Karen KoetheAs the Director of Web and New Media at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Karen’s job is to effectively tell their story, across online and print formats, including their website, alumni magazine, social media and admissions publications. She develops editorial plans, writes articles, designs their website, oversees photo shoots, manages publications, develops the brand identity, and pitches their stories and faculty experts to the media. One of the things she loves about her job is that she gets to keep learning, whether it’s how to code something new for their website, figuring out best practices, or holding a focus group to learn more about our audiences.

Advisory Board Member: Bryant Weathers

Bryant Weathers

Bryant works in the office of development at Michigan Tech, working on building comprehensive annual giving strategies, including, but not limited to, social media integration/management and marketing. He collaborates with his colleagues on comprehensive annual strategies and manages the telefund program. In the next few weeks, he will be starting in a new position as a Business Systems and Data Analyst for the Office of Development where he will function as an interface between Advancement system users and Enterprise Application Services regarding requirements and functionality for both new development and existing production systems in the Advancement area.