Publishing Schedule

CMS content automatically publishes on a set schedule. Only files in the Public state will be published.

Mobile Publish Schedule (Non-Responsive Websites)

  • 3 a.m.

Desktop Publish Schedule

All publishes take 1-2 hours to complete, from the starting times listed below:

  • 1:00 a.m. (full publish)
  • 12:00 noon
  • 4:00 p.m.

Unsure if your page published? Check the last-modified date of your webpage by viewing the page source (right-click -> View Page Source) and finding:

<meta http-equiv="Last-Modified" content="2014-02-08T15:00-0500" />

Need an immediate publish? Please email

Department News Blog Tips

Department blogs are a great way to push out your department-specific news to your website and keep your website fresh.

A number of departments routinely repost Tech Today announcements and that is great. Because Tech Today is meant for internal traffic only, we welcome users to repost that content without any reference or link to Tech Today. This will better serve our users by keeping them on external-facing websites and will save them a click. You should avoid using “from Tech Today” or “Read More at Tech Today.” Since Tech Today is internal, you don’t need to link back to it to avoid plagiarism.

Also, you are encouraged to remember these tips when creating blog posts:
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New Blog Theme—Michigan Tech 2016!


Look to the left, the top, or the right of this post. What do you see? You should be seeing our new WordPress theme! Earlier this year, we launched the new Michigan Tech homepage to much fanfare and with all the positive reactions, we had the idea to rollout the new design for our blogs. OK, I admit: this was the plan all along. Starting now, as long as you are an admin for a blog hosted here on, then you have access to the new design and can enable it in just a few steps.
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Calendar EventReach Score

If you are a Michigan Tech Event Calendar admin you may have noticed the EventReach score when you are adding events to the system. What do that score and all the checklist items mean?

Screen shot of the EventReach score

According to the system vendor, “EventReach is a way to measure the expected ‘reach,’ or audience awareness, an event has.” They have discovered that including certain information in your event listing has a huge impact on increasing awareness and attendance at events. EventReach is the tool they developed to quantify those pieces. This “reach” comes from Google/Search Engine Optimization (SEO), within the Michigan Tech Event Calendar, and through post-event engagement.
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Images with Pop-up Gallery

In the top navigation CMS template you can display images on a page, with or without captions, that pop-up into a gallery of images that the user can click through. Creating these galleries involves some code editing.

  1. Create your images using the Image Editor in the CMS. You will need to create the size that you will display on the page and either a 765 Banner, 1024 Feature, or 1600 Feature for the pop-up.
  2. Insert the images inline on your page or highlight using the screen shot of the inline image icon icon.
  3. Select each image and link it to the 765 Banner, 2014 Feature, or 1600 Feature size of itself using the CMS link icon (screen shot of the inline link icon).
  4. Access the code using the Source Code button (<>).
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Image Captions

In the top navigation CMS template you can add captions to images displayed inline on a page. Creating these captions involves some code editing.

  1. Create your image using the Image Editor in the CMS. Note: This feature will add a gray box around the image and caption that will extend the entire available width. Be sure to use the appropriate size image for the space the picture and caption will be using. Refer to the Suggested Use of Image Sizes to determine the appropriate size to crop.
  2. Insert the images inline on your page or highlight using the screen shot of the inline image icon icon.
  3. Access the code using the Source Code button (<>).
  4. If your image is linked, look for the link tag (<a …>), otherwise find the image tag (<img … />).
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Social Media Widget

The social media widget can only display and link to Michigan Tech social media accounts as this is a custom-coded item. Your site must be using the top nav, responsive layout for it to function.


  1. Copy the “SHARED Social Media Feed External Snippet” from the global folder under Top Level.
  2. Paste the External Snippet, As a Link, into the folder where you will be using it.
  3. Slot the External Snipped in the List Slot of the Generic (Page)