Residence life memories at Michigan Tech

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  1. I was in w wads for 1 year in the house called “Windigo Inn” rm 147 then moved to the newest dorm called Coed. named the house “Four Winds” rm 424. women had to live on campus no matter what age if single and had hours too. Men no hours and could live anywhere after 1st term. US 41 ran down the middle of campus too. This was in 1964 and 1965. I have not bern to tech in over 40 years.

  2. In the fall of 1968 Coed Hall was brand new. I lived on the 5th floor with my roommate & a temporary roomie who was a senior. For fun on the weekends we sometimes read the phone book. Exciting stuff! One roomie of mine had a canary. His name was Bojangles after the song Mr Bojangles. One afternoon upon returning from class we discovered that Bojangles had died. That night we had a big funeral procession that went down our hall out of the building over to the girls part of Coed Hall. We buried Bojangles in the court there. As far as I know, he’s still there.

  3. 1973 was a freshman in West coed. Women were like nuns on locked floors below. Sold cold Pepsi out of room and was at ski hill three days a week. Lucky did not flunk out!

    1975 was RA on second floor West coed. “The Following”. Had great fun at winter carnival, broomball and hockey on rinks built below coed hall by Sherman way gym.

  4. In 1967 I lived at 342W Wadsworth Hall. The room overlooked the west roof of the Wadsworth cafeteria. We were told that drinking in the rooms would result in expulsion. In the spring the roof had hundreds (possibly) thousands of empty beer cans. It created quite a racket when the wind blew them around the gravel roof. One day there was a group of students on the roof throwing the cans into a dump truck. The truck was almost full. Never heard of anyone being expelled. Ha ha

  5. When I arrived at Wadsworth Hall [5th floor-Artic Attic (yes, I believe we spelled arctic wrong)] we only had one or two electrical outlets in our rooms. It was 1962 and rules were very strict about what we could use them for, not that there were many thing invented at that time that we could use. The main concession was that we could use electric popcorn poppers. And, smelt dipping was popular in the spring. How are these factoids related? Yes, we dipped in a stream out near the Bosch Brewery, brought the catch back and put them in the community bathtub to keep them fresh. Then we cleaned them and cooked them in the popcorn poppers using boiling Crisco [solid vegetable oil that came in a can] which was otherwise used to make popcorn. It probably wasn’t absolutely healthy using the bathtub this way, but the smelt cooked this way were often healthier that the ones we cooked in a frying pan over a fire by the stream. We realized this one Saturday evening when we noticed that one of our colleagues nicknamed “The Woodpecker” was inadvertently putting the heads in the pan and throwing away the bodies. He had that job because he was a bit unsteady on his feet and we didn’t want him in the water. I guess e found the fresh air intoxicating.

  6. Larry Raymond. We were hall-mates at Windigo Inn. We also had radio shows on WRS! I remember you were the “Earl of Wadsworth”. Your show was one of the best! It inspired me to get “on the air” too. I also remember that you had an electric guitar with a case that doubled as an amp. I bought a bass and we jammed together many times. We also shared rides home to the Detroit-Ann Arbor area. If you want to contact me, use Also check Facebook/aasalmagundi. Still rocking!

  7. In the fall of 1974 I moved into 434 East Coed Hall. My roommates were Russ Kerlin and Dave Larson in a 3 man room. Russ and Dave built lofts and I had the couch, pull out bed. Next door was Mike MIron and Al Putvin. I remember the rectangular single pizza slices in the cafeteria. I remember many pranks we pulled, my favorite was hauling up huge bags of leaves and sliding them under a dorm room door creating a huge pile of neatly stacked leaves 5′ high. After my first year at MTU I pledged Delta Sigma Phi with Mike and Russ. There we shared a room on the 3rd Deck called the Sailors room. Of all these years gone by, most memorable were those at MTU and the great times and unbelievable outdoors wonderland.

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