Reunion Recap & Photo Gallery – 2019

Alumni Reunion By the Numbers

Total attendees at Reunion 2019
Events available to alumni packed into three days during Reunion 2019 (plus 18 departmental open houses)
From Florida to Washington and California to Connecticut, alumni traveled from 31 different states to attend Reunion 2019 (plus two other countries)
Decades of class years represented by alumni at Reunion 2019 including two representatives from the class of 1949!

Alumni Reunion Photos

Alumni Kickoff — 185 Attendees

Tech Talks — 141 attendees


ME-EM Ranger Tour — 69 Attendees


Pasty Dinner — 185 Attendees



President’s Breakfast — 198 attendees

Husky Hustle 5K Run/Walk for Scholarships — 70 Attendees


Canoeing the Sturgeon River — 22 Attendees

Research Vessell Agassiz Boat Tour — 86 Attendees

Stuff a Husky!

Videos with Alumni

Thanks to all those who shared their stories with us!

4 responses to “Reunion Recap & Photo Gallery – 2019

  1. At the ripe old age of 91 I probably would probably not recognize anyone nor would they
    recognize me! I lead a fairly active life in North Carolina – still driving a car with a license
    renewed for five years.
    My family adore the pasties I make for them when they visit me.

  2. My 50th anniversary of graduation & my first MTU reunion, my wife & I sure enjoyed ourselves. The MTU staff & the Alumni House did an outstanding job of planning events, presentations & meals and it was appreciated by all; I saw nothing but smiles & heard nothing but positive comments. If you’ve never attended a reunion at Tech all I can say is go, it’s a fun event & it’s great seeing old friends & classmates. I’ll be back & this time I won’t wait 50 years!

  3. My son ’92 and I ’70 are going to the reunion this year (2020).
    My previous experience was attending eight years after graduation. Mistake!!
    Most folks come 10, 20, 25, 30 etc. years after graduation.
    Rich and I are planning the canopy tour, the 50th events and a hockey game.

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