Tomorrow Needs Tech: A Podcast with President Koubek

Welcome to Tomorrow Needs Tech, a series of podcasts with President Koubek and prominent Michigan Tech alumni, discussing topics like computing, leadership, industry, and diversity.

Listen below, or you can also find Tomorrow Needs Tech on the following platforms: SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn.



Podcast 1: Tomorrow Needs Computing

Michigan Tech President Rick Koubek sits down with alumnus Dave House ’65 to talk about Michigan Tech’s future as a leader in computing and technology.

2 responses to “Tomorrow Needs Tech: A Podcast with President Koubek

  1. For Dave House. I have no comment about the podcast. It’s just standard “Rah Rah Rah” stuff. But I thought I’d mention…

    I used to work at Intel too. 1981 till I retired in -uhm, I think it was ’98 or ’99. I worked in Chandler, in Apps, supporting the 8051. I wrote an app note about electrically noisy environments. You sent me a nice letter complimenting my work. I didn’t know you were a fellow “Tute” as they used to call us. I graduated from The Tech in ’61, in E.E. If I had known you also were a Tute too I would certainly have written back.

    Anyway, nice to hear where you’re at these days.

  2. In looking at this, I found an interesting connection!
    I graduated with Tom Williamson, and knew him well.

    When Dave House graduated, his first job was with Raytheon. I was his Section Manager.

    My youngest son was recently promoted to Engineering Fellow at Intel-Oregon.

    My regards to two old friends!

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