Michigan Tech Seasonal Timeline

One of the many Michigan Tech icons is the environment, more specifically, our wonderful (and extreme) winters!

Within this blog we’ll be creating a visual timeline of the Houghton area’s color change, from fall through winter, with help from the Michigan Tech Webcams.

Check back here every Monday to see updates.  Click on any image for full size.


               College Avenue                               Mid-Campus                                      Mont Ripley

  Monday, August 26th





 Monday, September 2nd





Monday, September 9th





Monday, September 16th





Monday, September 23rd





Monday, September 30th





Monday, October 7th





Monday, October 14th





 Monday, October 21st





Monday, October 28th





Monday, November 4th





Monday, November 11th





Monday, November 18th





Monday, November 25th





Monday, December 2nd

5 responses to “Michigan Tech Seasonal Timeline

  1. I am so excited to stumble on this page! I have always wished I had taken a series of photos of Mt. Ripley when I was there back in the early 90s. Please continue this through the winter and spring! Thanks!

  2. Those pictures of Mt. Ripley remind me of my first ski adventure in 1961 or 1962. My first roommate Jim Bregi (wonder where he is now) walked over from campus, skied and walked back. While crossing the bridge one of the bank’s thermometers read -17 degrees. Yes, that’s a minus sign. What the heck were we doing. Class of 1965.

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