Day: November 8, 2019

Hunting Season, a Tech (U.P) Tradition

Bo Soli and Roger Dault, right, both of LAnse, after they bagged their two deer – 1958

It’s common knowledge that the Upper Peninsula has wilderness unlike any other.  With nearly nine million acres of forest (84 percent of the peninsula), it’s no surprise that many Yoopers take to the woods each fall in the attempt to stock their freezers for winter. That tradition has been popular with Tech students through the years as well.

We’ve heard stories of students hunting all around the Copper Country including some older stories of hunting on campus (the area now the Tech Trails).

Tell us your Tech or U.P hunting stories below!

Nordstrom hunting party near Lake Medora – 1950s











Portage Lake Pheasant Hunting – 1958











Grad student, Bill Bauer is pictured with deer he is studying – 1975