Celebrate 50 Years! Class of 1970

Michigan Tech from the air


Welcome to the Class of 1970’s 50th reunion web page. It’s a special year for you joining the ranks of the Golden Ms!

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6 responses to “Celebrate 50 Years! Class of 1970

  1. Hi. Gary Sparrow. Class of 1970. Chemical Engineering. Forgot to mention The Croce’s also played at Tech. My friend got picked up by them in their van. Jim Croce. Big Bad Leroy Brown etc

  2. A Huskies greeting from Bill Sproule….a civil engineering graduate from 1970. I was fortunate to return to Tech as a faculty member in civil and environmental engineering in 1995 and retired a couple of years ago and am now a Professor Emeritus and still living in Houghton. Wonder how many remember 1970 – the John Denver and Bob Seeger concerts, the Vietnam People’s Park project, the hockey Huskies at the NCAA tournament, John MacInnnes being recognized as the NCAA Coach of the Year, Larry Ras, Larry Grimes,….. (I still have the 1970 Yearbook).
    Continued success and good health to everyone….

  3. Ron Vedova from class of 1970 Metallurgical Eng. One of the many Canadians that called Tech home. Migrated over the years from Northern Ontario to Western NY and finally ended up in Florida – happily retired.

  4. OMG! The campus is almost unrecognizable watching the videos and the buildings are so much more accessible. I get goose bumps watching all of the changes and remembering when I was a RA of Coed Hall – looks like the changes are good. Graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1970 (4th woman in EE I believe and the only woman in Engineering in 6/70) and received my Masters in Project Management from George Washington and had a successful career in telecommunications (Wisconsin Bell, NYTel, NYNEX (now Verizon), LISN, TCG & AT&T). As a side job I was an Adjunct Professor for ESC for many years. Retired several years ago and ride my motorcycle for recreation primarily in the Northeast and Canada (although have been throughout the USA) and was hoping to attend the reunion on my bike to receive my Golden “M” but alas, COVID-19 has done this year in. So many great memories of “da Tech” (vividly remember Linda Ronstadt and the “Stoned” Ponies) and what a fantastic education I received!!

  5. Great tour of campus. Only wish I could have done this in person! We (My wife and I) see it periodically when we return to da U.P. to visit friends and family. Much has changed since Hotchkiss Hall, Sherman Gym, etc. and always for the better. Special year to celebrate as a Golden M inductee AND 50 years of marriage. Now retired and living near Monroe, Michigan on Lake Erie. Best wishes to all students and graduates!
    Does anyone remember being called a “Tech Toot”?

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