Class of ’60 Gift Effort

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It is a long-standing Michigan Tech tradition for the honored Reunion classes to have a friendly gift competition. Help show everyone that your class cares the most. Members of the Class of 1960 are invited to make a contribution in support of the reunion gift program and to honor all that we have achieved.

  • Class donations to date: $1,075,842.54
  • Members donating: 44 (9.7%)

Honor Roll

All class of 1960 members who give toward the Class Reunion Gift effort will be included on the class honor roll, but there will be a special emphasis placed on the Class of 1960 Endowed Scholarship Fund.

New gifts made between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020—no matter the size or designation—are counted in the reunion gift total.

Gifts can be made by mail, by phone, or online. Multiyear pledges (up to five years) are also encouraged, as the entire pledge amount will be included in the project total.

The honor roll is updated near the middle of each month. If you have made a gift and your name is not yet on the list, please email us or call 906-487-2400. Sometimes gift records take a while to update and we want your gift to be recognized.

Noel J. Alarie
Henry A. Black Jr
Jerald A. Blumberg
Roger E. Bokeny
Margaret M. Buchmann
Gary B. Fort
Phillip V. Frederickson
Arthur R. Garfield P.E.
Kenneth L. Graesser
Gary C. Hammond
John E. Hansen
Ronald O. Harma
Edwin A. Heribacka
Thor A. Jackola
Dr. Joe A. Jenney
Leonard A. Johnson
Thomas E. Joiner, P.S. & P.E.
Marlene C. Jordan
Peter R. Kamarainen
Elgin J. Karklins
John S. Kirby
Raymond G. Latvala

William J. Lubitz
Frederick F. Maki
William D. Maki
William J. Millar
Dr. Michael E. O’Neill
Stanley C. Rajala
William A. Redman
Robert H. Richards
Ross E. Roeder
Daniel M. Romes P.E.
Dr. Richard B. Sher
Dr. Thomas C. Simonen
James E Sorenson
Daniel A. Stock
Frederick A. Subosits
Andrew Tczap
Anton B. Usowski
Daniel E. Walls
Franklin P. Weigold
George B. Whitman
Richard H. Wibbelmann
Robert A. Wickman

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