Class of ’80 Gift Effort

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It is a long-standing Michigan Tech tradition for the honored Reunion classes to have a friendly gift competition. Help show everyone that your class cares the most. Members of the Class of 1980 are invited to make a contribution in support of the reunion gift program and to honor all that we have achieved.

  • Class donations to date: $213,123.35
  • Members donating: 100 (6.3%)

Honor Roll

All class of 1980 members who give toward the Class Reunion Gift effort will be included on the class honor roll, but there will be a special emphasis placed on the Class of 1980 Endowed Scholarship Fund.

New gifts made between July 1, 2019, and the end of reunion (August 8, 2020)—no matter the size or designation—are counted in the reunion gift total.

Gifts can be made by mail, by phone, or online. Multiyear pledges (up to five years) are also encouraged, as the entire pledge amount will be included in the project total.

The honor roll is updated periodically. If you have made a gift and your name is not yet on the list, please email us or call 906-487-2400.

Michael D. Abbott
Thomas E. Abramson
Randall F. Absolon
Betsy M. Aller
James C. Bates, P.E.
Timothy H. Bedenis
William A. Bertoldi Jr
Michael D. Bertsch P.E.
Steven E. Bradford
Dr. Karl E. Burgher
Holly M. Cote
Mary B. Dettl
Cynthia F. Dreyer
Theodore E. Dreyer
Raymond H. Duelfer Jr
Douglas R. Failing
Barry C. Felton
Domonique C. Fontana
Kenneth D. Foster P.E.
Ricky S. French
Thomas C. Geske
Elizabethe G. Gilreath
Melissa R. Goodwin
Richard M. Hackbarth M.D.
Joseph H. Havens
Robert E. Heger P.E.
Steven C. Hein
Arnold J. Herberg
Craig A. Holmes
Jeffrey T. Jack
Joseph D. Jacobsen
David B. Jahn
Sally M. Jennings
Dana M. Johnson
Gregory P. Jonas
Dr. Jean-Celeste M. Kampe
Ellen J. Kehoe
Carol-Ann Ley
Stephen R. Makowski
Douglas R. Manley
Lynne D. Mannard
Carl J. Manoogian
Brian M. Marietta
Duane A. Mariotti
Keith A. Miesel
Lawrence E. Miller
Paul R. Miller
Barbara E. Montgomery
Teri C. Mullen
Kenneth S. Murphy

Peter A. Negro
Timothy J. Nelson
Wendy K. Norton
Bruce S. Oman
Steven P. Onsager P.E.
Greggory A. Parker
Robert E. Parssinen
Mukund R. Patel
La Rae S. Paulson
Anita R. P. Paulssen
Dennis F. Petrucci
Suzan C. Phelps
Joseph G. Potts
Ralph A. Prescott
Robert D. Procunier
Kenneth G. Raiche
Sharen K. Robertson
Michael O. Roe
David H. Rosseau
Gordon T. Salt
Donald A. Scanlon
Ronald S. Schowengerdt
Ray A. Schumacher
Alan J. Sipinen
Michael W. Smaby P.E.
W. Bertram Smith
Laura J. Songer
Jerome L. Stawara Jr
Michael R. Straight
Michael D. Stremlow
Barbara H. Swan
William P. Swan
Steven T. Sylvester
Raymond J. Tibbles
Joseph A. Tinetti
Dr. Steven L. Tomsovic
Ann E. Urbaniak Straight
Vincent J. Ursini
Ellen W. Vanderboom
Joanie E. Walcheski
Donna T. Walters
Dr. Daniel L. West
M. Bridget Wetzel
Sandra L. Whaley
Stephen J. Wuori
Thomas M. Young
Dennis Allen Zebell P.E.
David R. Ziegler
Steven K. Ziemke

Updated August 4, 2020

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