In Memoriam

June 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020

1942Stanley F. Kramer Jr’42 BS Mechanical Engineering
1943Dr. Michael Lauriente’43 BS Metallurgical Engineering, ’46 MS Metallurgical Engineering
1949Lyle W. Barden49 BS Forestry
1949Thomas F. Hruby’49 BS Mining Engineering
1949Russell A. Johnson’49 BS Forestry
1950Franklin M. Eastland’50 BS Electrical Engineering
1950Lawrence H. Jacobson Jr’50 BS Forestry
1950George E. Jewell’50 BS Forestry
1950Donald L. Martindale’50 BS Forestry
1951Duaine K. Wenzel’51 BS Forestry
1953George W. Lizenby’53 BS Forestry
1954David P. Cicchi’54 BS Mining Engineering
1954Paul J. Gottwald’54 BS Forestry
1954Thomas E. Smith’54 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Forestry
1954Jack C Watson’54 BS Forestry
1955Leonard J. Arasim’55 BS Forestry
1955Dr. John P. Daniels’55 BS Forestry
1955Clarence W. Hultman’55BS Mechanical Engineering
1955Auvo I. Kemppinen’55 BS Metallurgical Engineering, ’56 MS Metallurgical Engineering
1955David E. Ottoson’55 BS Forestry
1956George J. Krawchuk’56 BS Forestry
1957William O. Maki’57 BS Forestry
1957George H. Sheppard, Jr.’57 BS Forestry
1958John S. Budzinski’58 BS Chemical Engineering
1958Michael T. Kenney’58 BS Mechanical Engineering
1958Owen D. Marjama’58 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1958Richard L. Slocum’58 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1959Jack E. Horak’59 BS Forestry
1959Orville J. Vanderlin’59 BS Forestry
1960Ronald N Wallis’60 BS Mechanical Engineering
1961Raymond L. Anderson’61 BS Civil Engineering
1961Gary H. Gay’61 BS Mechanical Engineering
1961Dr. Raymond W. Kauppila, P.E.’61 MS Engineering Mechanics
1961Hugh M. McKee’61 BS Mechanical Engineering
1962Robert G. Artis’62 BS Forestry
1962William E. Morden’62 BS Forestry
1963Richard A. Greketis’63 BS Metallurgical Engineering, ’65 BS Business Engineering Admin
1963Peter M Tomlinson’63 BS Forestry
1964Cecilia J. Faw’64 BS Chemistry
1964Dr. Edward S. Neumann P.E.’64 BS Civil Engineering
1966John B. Mitchell’66 BS Electrical Engineering
1968George F. Blass’68 BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1968Robert C. Stohl’68 BS Business Administration
1969George W. Beeby’69 BS Business Administration
1969Daniel E. Bush P.E.’69 BS Mechanical Engineering
1970Larry R. Gifford’70 BS Mechanical Engineering
1970Michael W. Hill’70 BS Business Administration
1970Harry J. House’70 AAS Forest Technology
1970Raymond J. Rought’70 BS Civil Engineering
1971Joseph Mark Krcmarik’71 BS Civil Engineering
1971David E. Rakoniewski’71 BS Medical Technology
1973Dennis E. Fritcher’73 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1974Paul L. Just’74 BS Chemical Engineering
1975Thomas P. Wells’75 BS Civil Engineering
1977Robert S. Thayer’77 BS Forestry
1979Paul J. Trasti’79 AAS Nursing Technology
1980Richard J. Kemmer’80 BS Business Administration
1981Bertrand A. Cresswell’81 BS Business Administration
1981Ralf G. Grisard’81 BS Forestry
1981Martin L. Swim’81 BS Electrical Engineering
1984Patrick J. Prus’84 BS Mining Engineering
1985Paul F. Smith’85 BS Electrical Engineering
1986Dr. Shu-Zu Lu’86 PHD Metallurgical Engineering
1986Bruce M. Sartorelli’86 AAS Electromechanical Eng Tech
1987Katherine M. Foster’87 BS Forestry
1987Eugene F. Hammond’87 BS Business Administration
1987Joseph P. Periard’87 BS Computer Science
1988Richard C. Nelson’88 BS Electrical Engineering
1989Todd E. French’89 BS Physics
1990Darrell E. Reed’90 BS Civil Engineering
1991P. Steven Raeder’91 BS Forestry
1992Pauline Joy Easterling’92 BS Business Administration
2002Michael P. Chipman’02 BS Mechanical Engineering
2004Ryan P. Walega’04 BS Computer Science
2014Coleen E. Huling’14 BS Civil Engineering

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