Dean of Students Bonnie Gorman Retires

Dr. Bonnie Gorman, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, retired at the conclusion of the fall semester, ending a remarkable 24-year career at Michigan Tech.

During that time, she served in a number of key roles and collaborated with staff and students to launch Orientation Week, Make a Difference Day, Homecoming Cardboard Boats, the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success and so much more. Bonnie was committed to student success both in and out of the classroom. Over the years, she implemented a variety of programs to help students prioritize their physical and mental health, grow as leaders, and be academically successful.

In 2014, Bonnie heard from students about their need for food assistance and within a year, she started the Husky FAN (Food Access Network).  The pantry continues to meet a critical need for students experiencing food insecurity, especially during this past year.

Bonnie is well known for her Meet the Dean of Students buttons which she distributed as a way to meet all incoming students each fall. #tenacity

Comment below to thank Bonnie for her service to Michigan Tech and share a memory.

5 responses to “Dean of Students Bonnie Gorman Retires

  1. Bonnie thank you for your service to MTU and all those great events and the support you have given to students and their families. What a great legacy you leave and will continue wherever you put your energy in your next endeavor.
    We have lived on Hubbell Street for 34 years and feel very much a part of MTU with professor families, student housing and sorority across the street!! MTU and all the staff have been kind and generous neighbors.

  2. Bonnie; Best wishes for your continuing success, however that looks to you. You have been a spark plug with tremendous energy for all the time I have had the pleasure of working with you thru the Tech Fund and the Alumni Association. I look forward to seeing you at the next Alumni weekend.
    Best regards,
    John Calder

  3. Dear Bonnie!!!

    Thank you for everything you have done for Michigan Tech and all of its students!!! We are all so grateful for your dedication to education. Your legacy is beautiful. I’m so glad to know you. Your retirement is well-earned.

    I carry all my Michigan Tech memories, so it’s tough to pick a favorite. I have a feeling that if I searched my archives, I could find the button you gave me during orientation in 2014. From then on, it has always been an adventure. Working at the Rozsa Center and being a leader in SLS are just some of the highlights of my time at Michigan Tech. I’m glad I had the opportunity to put on shows for people who might have not felt represented. By facilitating events for clubs and organizations at Michigan Tech, I got to see smiles on beautiful faces shine both onstage and in the crowd. It has been a true pleasure to be in service of Michigan Tech’s diversity and equality. Thank you putting your heart into making Michigan Tech a better place. I know that because of your work, MTU has grown strong roots in goodness. Thank you.

  4. Bonnie:

    All the best as you move into the next phase of life. I hope that you find retirement as rewarding as I have!

    It was great to work with you in your various roles at Tech while I served on the Tech Fund Board. You always provided a clear and logical path to your goals! I can only imagine how many students were well-guided by that same approach.

    J.B. Hoyt

  5. Bonnie: Thank you for all you did for Michigan Tech during your career. I always thought the best thing about returning to campus and serving on the Alumni Association Board was that I was privileged to meet and interact with wonderful people such as yourself. Don’t know what your future plans are but I look forward to seeing you again on my next trip to the Keweenaw. Take care and have a great next act!

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