In Memoriam

October 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

Preferred ClassFull NameDegrees
1935Raymond H. Amberger’35 BS Mining Engineering
1942Robert W. Sleeman’42 BS Mining Engineering
1942Ralph G. Swanson’42 BS Forestry
1947John A. Bowles’47 BS Electrical Engineering
1948John E. Barron’48 BS Electrical Engineering
1948Arne E. Erickson’48 BS Electrical Engineering
1948Thomas R. Erixon’48 BS Mechanical Engineering
1950Samuel F. Berg’50 BS Mechanical Engineering
1950Melvin A. Koenders’50 BS Chemical Engineering
1950Robert G. Lovell50 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1950Richard W. Peterson’50 BS Civil Engineering
1950John F. Viola’50 BS Civil Engineering
1951Patrick L. Boileau’51 BS Mining Engineering
1951Dr. Donald W. Bolme’51 BS Chemical Engineering
1951Kenneth A. Burnett’51 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1951R. Neil Chapman’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951Wayne P. Cooper’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951Russell L. Dahl’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951Charles A. Driver’51 BS Forestry
1951Richard E. Hinze’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951Paul I. Jacobson’51 BS Civil Engineering
1952William A. Beckquist’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1952Donald R. Bergstrom, P.E.’52 BS Electrical Engineering
1952John P. Bogosoff’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1952Richard R. DeGraff’52 BS Chemical Engineering
1952Thomas E. DeWan’57 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1952Devere C. Dickerson’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1952John W. Jamar’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1953Bud D. Bair’53 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1953Wilbert E. Beck’53BS Civil Engineering
1953Robert A. Masnado’53 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Forestry
1954Donald R. Dobbelaire’53 BS Mechanical Engineering
1954Stanley J. Friesen’54 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1955George Babladelis’55 BS Electrical Engineering
1955Gordon G. Bauman’55 BS Mechanical Engineering
1955David A. Bruneau Jr’55 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1955Maj. Thomas S. Crouch (Ret)’55 BS Mining Engineering
1956Robert J. Brey’56 BS Mechanical Engineering
1956John G. Ecklesdafer’56 BS Metallurgical Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1956Stewart C. Oldford, Sr.’56 BS Chemical Engineering
1957E. Raymond Amble’57 BS Civil Engineering
1957William H. Anderson P.E.’57 BS Electrical Engineering
1957James R. Brophy Jr’57 BS Geological Engineering
1957Ora L. Flaningam’57 BS Chemistry, MS Chemistry
1957Thomas A. GelbBS Forestry
1957Hugh W. Gibson’57 BS Mechanical Engineering
1957R. Gordon Moore’57 BS Chemical Engineering
1957Charles H. Smith’57 BS Mechanical Engineering
1957Kiril Spiroff JrBS Forestry
1957Gene A. Warren’57 BS Civil Engineering
1957Joe E. Warren’57 BS Chemical Engineering
1958Albert M. Aittama’58 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1958Alex H. Beanum’58 BS Civil Engineering
1958Elmer R. Beaudoin’58 BS Electrical Engineering
1958Thomas E. Connors’58 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1959Robert W. Arendsen’59 BS Civil Engineering
1959Maj. Neil E. DuBay’59 BS Physics
1959Thomas J. Dzakowic’59 BS Mechanical Engineering
1959Bruce R. McInnis’59 BS Civil Engineering
1960Dale R. Bero’60 BS Mechanical Engineering
1960Dr. Andrew M. Bray’60 BS Mechanical Engineering
1960James E. Clark’60 BS Electrical Engineering
1960Thor A. Jackola’72 BS Mechanical Engineering
1960Paul A. Michelin P.E.’60 BS Civil Engineering
1960Edward W. Olson’60 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960Arthur A. Schneider’60 BS Electrical Engineering
1962David S. Dodge’62 BS Electrical Engineering
1962Earl A. Oster’62 BS Chemical Engineering
1963Dennis G. Barrette’63 BS Mathematics
1963Kenneth R. Hamilton’63 BS Civil Engineering
1963John M. Ivanitz’63 BS Geological Engineering
1966Charles J. Roberts’66 BS Civil Engineering
1968Dennis J. Ashworth’68 BS Business Administration
1968Bruce E. Hilden’68 BS Business Administration
1968Gary D. Masse’68 BS Civil Engineering
1972Craig S. Gierke’72 BA Liberal Arts with History Opt
1972Dr. John S. Klasner’72 PHD Geology
1973John M. Cadeau IV’73 BS Mathematics
1974Stanley R. Johns’74 BS Forestry
1975Thomas M. Bourgeois’75 BS Civil Engineering
1977Timothy K. Milson’77 BS Electrical Engineering
1978Miriam I. Kipina’78 AAS Nursing Technology
1979Joel D. Fynewever’79 BS Electrical Engineering
1981William E. Brush’81 BS Business Administration
1982Mark B. Siehling’82 BS Electrical Engineering
1986Stephen I. Albee’86 BS Forestry
1999Steven G. Nelson’99 BS Mechanical Engineering
2011David M. Brown’11 BS Computer Engineering, ’11 BS Electrical Engineering
2012Karen E. Hall’12 MBA Business Administration
2014Gabriel M. Martinez’14 BS Mechanical Engineering
2019Jacob M. Bouman’19 BS Civil Engineering

In Memoriam — July 1–September 30, 2020

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