Celebrating Women’s History Month

Since Margaret McElhinney and Mary Bunce enrolled at Michigan College of Mines in 1889, the history of women at Michigan Tech has been evolving. Here’s a look at some of the moments along the way.

4 responses to “Celebrating Women’s History Month

  1. Disappointing to not see Dr.Elzbieta Berak (from Poland) – first female PhD @ MTU.
    Tech needs to **greatly** and **visibly** celebrate Grad successes.

  2. Jeanne Seaman (Farnum) attended MCM from 1939-1940; graduated from University of Illinois in 1943 with a BS in Geology. Worked as assistant curator at the AE Seaman Mineralogical Museum and was the first woman field geologist on the Michigan Geologic Survey in 1943.

  3. Jean Peterman Kemp Zimmer (1917-2001) (BS Geology ’39) was the fourth Curator of the AE Seaman Mineralogical Museum, and was responsible for preserving the collection when the former Hotchkiss Hall was demolished, then enhancing the preservation and presentation of minerals in the museum’s location in the new Electrical Engineering building. I worked for Jean in the early 1970s – what a brilliant, kind, and wonderful woman!! Please read her biography at the following URL:


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