In Memoriam

January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021

ClassFull NameDegrees
1949Roy M. WalkamaBS Mechanical Engineering
1950John P. EvansBS Physics
1950Karl G. FriesBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Arne A. HanninenBS Forestry
1950Robert H. HolgersBS Mining Engineering
1950John D. HornerBS Chemical Engineering
1950Georg L. JohnBS Civil Engineering
1950George W. John JrBS Chemical Engineering
1950Joseph P. KerkesBS Electrical Engineering
1950Frederick W. KneppleBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Tauno W. KorpelaBS Electrical Engineering
1950Charles K. McArthurBS Metallurgical Engineering
1950Douglas S. MelvinBS Civil Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering
1950Joseph J. MeolaBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Gerald C. PayantBS Civil Engineering
1950James E. PeddicordBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Robert W. RiedelBS Geological Engineering
1950David Ritsema P.E.BS Civil Engineering
1950David B. SleemanBS Electrical Engineering
1950Tauno M. SomppiBS Forestry
1950Donald C. TealBS Chemical Engineering
1950James H. TormalaBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Robert J. WillBS Civil Engineering
1951Torgeir KarlsenBS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1951Eugene W. KnaebelBS Civil Engineering
1951Charles D. McKereghanBS Electrical Engineering
1951Robert PopovichBS Chemistry
1951Harold D. RaymondBS Mining Engineering
1951Keith D. RobinsonBS Mechanical Engineering
1951John F. RutterBS Electrical Engineering
1951William R. SaadehMS Chemical Engineering
1951John Stencel, Jr.BS Mechanical Engineering
1952James J. GallagherBS Chemical Engineering
1952Ronald C. HarrisBS Mechanical Engineering
1952Roland K. LindbergBS Civil Engineering
1952Leslie E. PriceBS Geological Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1952Arthur G. ReinholdBS Electrical Engineering
1952Albert F. Sanborn IIIBS Civil Engineering
1952Carl H. Van DomelenBS Electrical Engineering
1953Douglas GloverBS Metallurgical Engineering
1953Fred LassilaBS Electrical Engineering
1953Robert M. LemmenBS Electrical Engineering
1953Donald L. LutzeBS Electrical Engineering
1953Robert C. TaylorBS Mechanical Engineering
1953Kenneth P. Van EssBS Civil Engineering
1953Robert W. WadeBS Mining Engineering
1954Robert F. DennettBS Chemical Engineering
1954Stanley J. FriesenBS Metallurgical Engineering
1954Lloyd B. HansenBS Mining Engineering
1954Robert J. NankeeBS Chemical Engineering
1954Ray H. PesolaBS Electrical Engineering
1954Harold J. PrattBS Mechanical Engineering
1954Dr. H. Hunter ShuBS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1954Andre J. StromquistBS Mechanical Engineering
1954Harry R. SwansonBS Civil Engineering
1954Julio H. ThalerBS Mining Engineering
1954Dr. Hal A. Williams, D.O.BS Forestry
1955James C. GilboBS Civil Engineering
1955George C. GriessBS Civil Engineering
1955John H. HansenBS Mechanical Engineering
1955William F. HeinzBS Electrical Engineering
1955Reuben KurttiBS Mechanical Engineering
1955Jerome Q. PetersonBS Civil Engineering
1955John A. Radler JrBS Metallurgical Engineering
1955James J. ReinkeBS Mechanical Engineering
1955Kenneth J. ScottBS Electrical Engineering
1955Ivan M. ThompsonBS Chemistry
1956Donald M. HaadsmaBS Electrical Engineering
1956John J. LebenickBS Civil Engineering
1956Richard A. OwenBS Electrical Engineering
1956Daniel J. ScallenBS Civil Engineering
1956John P. SmedmanBS Mining Engineering
1956David A. StromquistBS Mechanical Engineering
1956Donald E. TomaszewskiBS Electrical Engineering
1957Thomas A. GelbBS Forestry
1957Alexander J. MarshBS Chemical Engineering
1957Frederic H. MeisterBS Geological Engineering
1957Ralph K. OjaBS Mining Engineering
1957Howard A. PearlBS Mechanical Engineering
1957Fredrick A. PittmanBS Business Engineering Admin, BS Electrical Engineering
1957William P. SchimmelBS Metallurgical Engineering
1957Hubert A. SchmittBS Mechanical Engineering
1957Ronald G. SonderhouseBS Chemistry
1957Kiril Spiroff JrBS Forestry
1957Eugene G. StrenzelBS Civil Engineering
1957Carl M. Superko JrBS Electrical Engineering
1957Richard A. WeirickBS Electrical Engineering
1958Robert C. JohnsonBS Civil Engineering
1958Donald L. KeroBS Civil Engineering
1958Stephen A. KopishBS Mechanical Engineering
1958Jack A. MenziesBS Business Administration
1958David R. MukavitzBS Metallurgical Engineering
1958Norman E. MutkaBS Mechanical Engineering, MS Nuclear Engineering
1958Charles R. NiverBS Forestry
1958George I. OinasBS Engineering Physics
1958George A. Stams JrBS Electrical Engineering
1958Donald F. SwenskiBS Mechanical Engineering
1958Richard N. TurriBS Electrical Engineering
1958John C. VenturinoBS Business Administration
1958Ronald W. Verville P.E./R.L.S.BS Civil Engineering
1958Richard K WardBS Civil Engineering
1958Thomas B. WilliamsBS Civil Engineering
1959James D. BertucciBS Civil Engineering
1959James E. FisherBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Jerome T. KestnerBS Business Administration
1959James B. LargeBS Business Administration
1959Donald J. LoeherBS Electrical Engineering
1959Roylance A. MayryBS Electrical Engineering
1959Roy A. McKeageBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Nitidhan P. PatoliaBS Business Engineering Admin, BS Chemical Engineering
1959Mary Grace ShueBS Medical Technology
1959Vernelle T SmithBS Civil Engineering
1959Flave F. StimpsonBS Mechanical Engineering
1959W. Douglas StolenBS Civil Engineering
1959Robert L. StonerBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Rolf I. ThorvaldsonBS Civil Engineering
1959Melvin J. VisserBS Chemical Engineering
1959Robert W. WadeBS Business Administration
1959Carl A WeedBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Eugene M. YedinakBS Metallurgical Engineering
1960David L. FunstonBS Electrical Engineering
1960Hal H. HewittBS Mechanical Engineering
1960Carl R. HoeraufBS Mechanical Engineering
1960James W. JosephsonBS Civil Engineering
1960Stanley C. RajalaBS Mechanical Engineering
1960Charles N. StibitzBS Metallurgical Engineering
1960John C. UllemeyerBS Chemical Engineering
1960Daniel E. WallsBS Chemical Engineering
1960James D. WoznickBS Mechanical Engineering
1961Walter E. BlanksvardBS Civil Engineering
1961Thomas E. ButlerBS Civil Engineering
1961David J. CahoonBS Civil Engineering
1961Richard J. CrossonBS Mechanical Engineering
1961Richard E. JensenBS Civil Engineering, ’64 BS Business Engineering Admin
1961Marvin D. Oosterbaan P.E.BS Civil Engineering
1962Dean I. BarnefiherBS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1962Robert F. BrissonBS Business Administration, BS Forestry
1962William C. CoppernollBS Physics
1962David J. FrederickBS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1963Richard D. AndersonBS Electrical Engineering
1963Russel P. Decker JrBS Geological Engineering
1963Dr. Gerald S. DzakowicBS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1963John J. PrusakBS Mechanical Engineering
1964Paul A. AzziBS Business Administration
1964Peter G. ChamberlainBS Geophysical Engineeing
1964David E. GaylordBS Metallurgical Engineering
1964Wayne N. RootBS Chemical Engineering
1964Dr. Henry S. Santeford JrBS Civil Engineering, ’66 MS Civil Engineering
1964William H. TylerBS Forestry
1964James W. WhippleBS Forestry
1965Dale A. DamsBS Mechanical Engineering
1965Robert J. FentzBS Mechanical Engineering
1965Dr. Michael M. SheaBS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1966Kristine J. AntcliffBS Biological Sciences
1966Donald C. BolgerBS Mechanical Engineering
1966Alvin D. HardmanBS Civil Engineering
1968Deward B. BeelerBS Forestry
1968Peter A. DeGioiaBS Metallurgical Engineering
1968Michael G. HellmanBS Mechanical Engineering
1968Gautam P. ShahBS Chemical Engineering
1969David J. SundbergBS Mechanical Engineering
1970William C. AlwardAAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1970Howard W. Creswick JrBS Electrical Engineering
1971Judith C. QuinnBS Mathematics
1973Timothy J. PalmerBS Chemistry
1973Paul R. SteffensBS Mechanical Engineering
1975Adolf J. JonaitisBS Metallurgical Engineering, ’77 MS Business Administration
1976Donald J. MatchinskiBS Geology
1981Nicholas J. BukacekBS Civil Engineering
1982Bruce A. ThomaBS Business Engineering Admin, Electrical Engineering
1989Allen H. StephensBS Mechanical Engineering
1996Richard A. FieldsMS Industrial Archaeology
2001Andrea M. DranbergBS Electrical Engineering
2002Patrick C. FarrellBS Mining Engineering

In Memoriam — Oct. 1–Dec. 31, 2020

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