In Memoriam

April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021

Pref Class Full Name Degrees
1938 Donald H. Krans BS Mechanical Engineering
1938 Robert G. Peets P.E. BS Geology, BS Mining Engineering
1942 Clifford B. Armstrong Jr BS Chemical Engineering
1942 Clyde B. Dobbie BS Electrical Engineering
1942 Kenneth J. Yonker BS Metallurgical Engineering
1943 Warren H. Lang BS Mining Engineering
1944 Lyon L. Brinsmade BS Mining Engineering
1948 Donald G. Mitchell BS Mechanical Engineering
1948 Clarke E. Pease Jr BS Electrical Engineering
1949 Wallace J. Benzie BS Civil Engineering
1949 James O. Frendewey, Sr. BS Mining Engineering
1949 Latham B. Gray Jr BS Mining Engineering
1951 Clayton L. Davidson P.E. BS Chemical Engineering
1951 Frederick J. Kneisler BS Mechanical Engineering
1953 Frank J. Brechting Jr BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1954 Lucille W. Bicknell BS Chemistry
1955 R. George McGinn BS Geological Engineering
1955 Edwin C. Riutta BS Mechanical Engineering
1956 Delano J. Harma BS Forestry
1956 Robert V. Roach BS Forestry
1957 Thomas A. Coleman BS Civil Engineering
1957 Raymond O. Lescelius BS Chemical Engineering
1958 Glenn S. Arendsen BS Chemical Engineering
1958 William J. Patzer BS Electrical Engineering
1959 Dr Darrell W Smith BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 Onni J. Perala P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1961 Morton J. Cook BS Civil Engineering
1961 Leslie G. Harkins BS Electrical Engineering
1961 Anthony D. Heibel BS Geological Engineering
1961 Dale R. Jehnzen BS Business Administration
1961 Carl E. Lugviel BS Chemistry
1961 Ronald S. Michalak BS Metallurgical Engineering
1961 James M. Pearce BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Lawrence P White P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1962 Donald P. Dix BS Civil Engineering
1962 Glenn L. Haglund BS Electrical Engineering
1962 Peter W. Jonas BS Physics
1962 David A. Maki BS Mechanical Engineering
1962 Gary L. Miller BS Business Administration
1962 Thomas A. Parker BS Metallurgical Engineering
1963 George M. Goodrich BS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1963 Robert A. Hietikko BS Forestry
1963 Hugh L. McLean BS Mechanical Engineering
1963 William C. Toth BS Business Administration
1964 Thomas P. Garity BS Civil Engineering
1964 David G. Grimble BS Forestry
1964 Jean D. Juilland BS Geology, MS Geology
1964 Bruce L. Link BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Dennis P. Hill BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Jon E. Kleinhans BS Electrical Engineering
1965 Paul W. Konvalinka BS Chemical Engineering
1965 Jerry R. McKee BS Electrical Engineering
1966 Clifford A. Anderson BS Mathematics
1966 Prof. Bernard W. Carr BS Forestry
1966 Daniel E. Filley BS Mechanical Engineering
1966 Rodney L Wegner BS Mechanical Engineering
1967 Col. Noel M. Hanna BS Business Administration
1967 Russell R. McMaster BS Business Administration
1967 Michael Messner III BS Business Administration
1968 Robert K. Gates BS Mathematics
1968 Clifford B. Gordanier AAS Civil Engineering Technology
1968 Arthur N. Maupin BS Chemical Engineering
1968 Marilyn R. Rabideau BS Mathematics
1969 Dennis M. Havey MS Biological Sciences
1969 Warren T. Jivery BS Applied Physics
1970 Dennis H. Koski BS Forestry
1970 Vincent Lettieri BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 Ronald J. Lux BS Business Administration
1970 Ivan E. Martin BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 Joel R. Schlukebir BS Civil Engineering
1971 Dennis L. Adams BS Electrical Engineering
1971 Michael D. Ahlf AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1971 Alejandro Amaya BS Mining Engineering
1971 Allen S. Blackhall BS Business Administration
1971 Raymond C. Brainard Jr BS Mining Engineering
1971 Marvin A. Maes BS Business Administration
1971 Edward L. Stankus BS Biological Sciences
1972 Larry R. Grimes BS Business Administration
1972 Sandra K. Martin BS Medical Technology
1974 John M. Ubbes BS Mechanical Engineering
1976 L/Col.Mark D. Willey MS Business Administration
1983 Diana M. Heckel BS Business Administration
1987 Martin A. McGrath BS Business Administration
1989 Julie D. Walczak BS Business Administration
1991 Larry S. Jokinen BS Forestry
1999 Stacy A. Lybert BS Physics
1999 Steven E. Pesola BS Business Administration
2013 Abhishek Gupta BS Civil Engineering
2017 Richard L. Fowler BS Electrical Eng Tech

In Memoriam — January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021

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