K-Day Memories

One of its longest standing traditions, Michigan Tech held its K-Day recently. The event has been at Fort Wilkins State Park in Copper Harbor, McLain State Park west of Hancock, and most recently at Centennial Park in Chassell.

What are your K-Day memories? Share in the comments below!

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  1. In the fall of my Freshman year, the school paper photographer snapped a photo as I was walking along enjoying the K-Day event. My picture made the front page! LOL My 15 minutes of fame.

  2. I went to K-Day at McLain State Park in 1981 or 82, but I only have a vague remembrance of it due to extenuating circumstances.

  3. Ahh 1987. Was a freshman and drove my 1972 Mercury Montego rustbucket there.

    What a blast that day was 🙂

    The beer. The bikinis in September. The beer…

    Wish I could get a copy of my t shirt I bought that day….

    KDAY 1987
    Michigan Tech’s Ultimate Party!!!

  4. Fort Wilkins State Park in Copper Harbor was the site of the only K-Day that I personally attended. My memory of it may have been uncomfortably tainted because of those I went there with, but I felt that the amount of drinking and driving taking place was an unsafe combination.

    Fort Wilkens is a beautiful site; so is McLain State Park. I’ve actually camped in both locations.

  5. 1979 K Day at Fort Wilkins. A bunch of us went swimming in Lake Superior when the water was around 57F. it chilled us all to the bone in a few minutes. I took a long shower and a nap at Coed Hall afterwards.

  6. I remember K day at Tech during the 80’s was a McLain’s so my buddies being fellow geologists we all immediately went to the surf zone and started looking for copper and silver samples. I remember picking up several nice silver/copper twins that I later sold to fund Pizza and drinks down at the Library.

  7. K day holds a special place in our memories. In 1962 k day at Fort Wilkins was our first date. We have been together the last 59 years

  8. In 1964, 4 or 5 of us went up in my 1957 Plymouth Savoy. Playing football on top of Brockway Mountain(not smart) the ball went off the cliff. We did go down and find the ball, missed most of the picnic, and found out we were not rock climbers.

  9. I recall trying to set the record for longest human chain where the person in front sat on the knees of the person behind in a continous chain. I think it was 1978 and I dont remember whether we succeeded or not but it was a great time.

  10. In the early 60’s KDay, was, as I recall on the 3rd 4th or 5th of October. The actual date was determined on the morning of it, with a view to the weather, and more important, the peak of the turning of the colors of the trees. The objective was for the students, in the afternoon to drive up to Ft Wilkins and enjoy the colors. It was a great tradition.

  11. K-Day 1975 or perhaps 1976 at Fort Wilkins. I may have indulged in an abundance of brew. I took a “nap” in the woods and woke up around 9pm. Not a soul in sight! I began walking back to Houghton in the dark along the highway. Thankfully, some Tech students in a Jeep were exploring and came along the road. They brought me back to Tech, saving me from a LONG walk and a chilly night.

  12. As a member of SLS my favorite K-Day memories are setting up for the event, whether it was making extra Stringer to make sure all orgs that need power have it and setup for the music or DJ events when those were a thing at K-Day. It was always a great way to showcase what we were all about as an org while helping make the event a success.

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