In Memoriam

July 1, 2021 – September 30, 2021

Pref ClassFull NameDegrees
1949Vincent A. MiklasBS Electrical Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering
1949Willard O. TschantzBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Gordon D. CarlsonBS Civil Engineering
1950Thomas C. Elwell P.E.BS Mechanical Engineering
1950Jack D. RaisanenBS Civil Engineering
1951Edward J. GaffneyBS Mechanical Engineering
1951Howard A. Zollinger P.E.BS Electrical Engineering
1952Dante A. IacovoniBS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1954George F. Kruggel P.E.BS Mechanical Engineering, ’55 MS Mechanical Engineering
1956L. Stanley Freese, Jr.BS Forestry
1957Jack A. KolehmainenBS Mechanical Engineering
1957Roy A. KoskiBS Geological Engineering, BS Metallurgical Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1957John E. MillerBS Electrical Engineering
1958Frank R. HastedtBS Physics
1958John A. RechlinBS Civil Engineering
1959Dr. Donald E. MikkolaBS Metallurgical Engineering
1959John H. RuusiBS Chemical Engineering, ’63 BS Business Engineering Admin
1962Louis F.M.  AngottiBS Business Administration
1962John LagadinBS Geological Engineering
1963Robert J. GaaboBS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1965Sandy W. Johnson JrBS Mechanical Engineering
1965Dennis M. TauluBS Mechanical Engineering
1967Darrell A. BaconBS Mechanical Engineering
1967Jon C. BettsBS Forestry
1967Anthony J. EspositoBS Business Administration
1967Joseph S. WildbergBS Business Administration
1968Dr. Alan R. KaubBS Civil Engineering
1968Michael R. PeramakiBS Forestry
1969Erik J. GrorudBS Civil Engineering
1969Paul A. MasiniBS Business Engineering Admin, ’69 BS Mechanical Engineering
1970William T. Hicks II, P.E.BS Electrical Engineering
1970Eric J. PaavilainenBS Forestry
1971Dominic C. ChiangMS Chemistry
1971Richard E. DrouillardAAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1971Kristine M. HaglundBS Biological Sciences
1971Douglas R. HansenBS Electrical Engineering
1971Jeffrey A. JasickiBS Mechanical Engineering
1971Alan G. KlugBS Mechanical Engineering
1971Norman W. Laursen JrBS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1971John W. Loney JrMS Electrical Engineering
1971William D. LundtBS Mathematics
1971Douglas L. McKeeBS Electrical Engineering
1971Steven W. NymanBS Chemical Engineering
1971Dennis K. OlsonBS Civil Engineering
1971Mark E. SauveBS Chemical Engineering
1971Michael F. SchmidtBS Business Administration
1971Darrell J. SeppanenBS Mathematics
1971C. Jerry SherwoodBS Mechanical Engineering
1971Allan L. SleemanBS Mechanical Engineering, ’77 MS Mechanical Engineering
1971Alan R. TerBushBS Business Administration
1971Larry D. ThompsonBS Electrical Engineering
1972David J. DibertBS Applied Physics
1972Farhad HaghighatBS Mechanical Engineering
1972Gregory J. HattAAS Civil Engineering Technology, ’77 BS Civil Engineering
1972Andrew J. HubertBS Electrical Engineering
1972George C. Kandler JrBS Biological Sciences
1972Mark W. LarsonAAS Forest Technology
1973Dr. Leroy V. HeldtMS Biological Sciences
1973John P. KohutBS Chemistry, ’76 MS Chemistry
1973Betty A. PyhtilaBS Business Administration
1974Larry P. MosherBS Electrical Engineering
1974Lorraine D. PalmerBA Liberal Arts
1974Richard F. PrinceBS Business Administration
1975Kenneth M. BarlageAAS Forest Technology
1975Sharon R. SibilskyBA Liberal Arts
1977David A. BromanBS Biological Sciences
1977David D. MyroldBS Forestry
1978Peter W. RobertsBS Business Administration
1978Steven R. Vanden BrinkBS Civil Engineering
1979Robert D. DekemaAAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1982Mary C. LintonMS Biological Sciences
1983Gary R. SheaBS Civil Engineering
1984S. Paul SundeenMS Business Administration
1985James M. HarjuBS Electrical Engineering
1985Mark C. HebertBS Metallurgical Engineering
1987Gregory G. MorelliBS Civil Engineering
1994Cynthia J. TormalaBA Liberal Arts
2000Keith E. GrahamBS Forestry

In Memoriam — April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021

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