Month: May 2019

Husky Health Tips

Did you attend the Benefits Fair on May 9th?  Be sure to check it off your Husky Health checklist under Option 2.

Not able to attend a presentation in person? Fidelity Keeping Your Personal Information Safe webinar counts toward Option 2. Check “Replay Only” for the webinar.

Never smoked or use tobacco?  Be sure to check off and date  “continued tobacco-free” under Option 2.

Check out the Husky Health website for information including slides from the Husky Health forums and links to webinars and fitness programs that count toward the Husky Health incentive.

Path to Wellness: It’s More Than Diet and Exercise

Savannah Dougherty, winner of the 2016 Governor’s Fitness Award for Conquering Obesity, spoke to faculty, staff, and local community members on Tuesday, May 14, sharing her personal story and inspiring attendees to find their own paths to wellness.

Dougherty described the five pillars of wellness (mindset, education, nutrition, physical activity, and practice & consistency) that helped her lose 130 pounds over the course of a year and eliminate health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  She stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive team and being your own best coach, with suggestions such as following only positive social media accounts and using sticky notes to leave yourself uplifting messages.

Several resources were mentioned during Dougherty’s presentation, including:

For more information, feel free to contact Savannah Dougherty at:



Weight Watchers@Work Beginning in June

Register here for the 12-week Weight Watchers at Work session, which begins Wednesday, June 5th in the MUB; 11:30 a.m. for weigh-in and completion of paperwork and 12:00 p.m. for the meeting.

Open to employees and retirees, participants must register online by Wednesday, May 29.

The fee for this 12-week session is $138.00 per participant and includes free access to Weight Watcher’s premium “Online Plus” website.

Registrations will no longer be done on site—all registrations must be completed online. You will have the option of paying with a credit/debit card or TechFit. If using TechFit, choose “yes” for “Payroll Deduct”.

Flexible Spending Account money (FSA) is not accepted as a method of payment. The WW Monthly Pass is not accepted in At Work. Credit/debit cards or bank accounts will not be billed until a minimum of 12 participants have registered for the meeting.

Questions? Contact Shannon Brodeur or 7-3301.

Lactation Spaces @ Michigan Tech


 door with icon

Michigan Tech supports mothers who choose to continue breastfeeding after returning to work or classes by offering several lactation spaces on campus.

Each room offers a clean, secure, and private space for women who need to express breast milk.  All rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, a table or counter space, and ample electrical outlets near the chair.  Pumps are not provided.

View a map of the lactation spaces on campus. These rooms are not scheduled.  Each space is equipped with an “In Use” door sign. Please keep the space neat and orderly and report any issues to Benefit Services:


Bldg # Building Name Floor Location
1. Administration 1 Outside of Student Services
3. Lakeshore Center 3 Across from Middle Stairs
7. EERC 1 Across from Room 122
8. DOW 6 Near Room 641
13. Hamar House 2 Top of Stairs
15. Fisher 1 Next to Elevator
17. Library G Follow Signs for “Mother’s Room”
20. MEEM 4 Next to Room 401
24.  SDC 1 Across from Lot 24 Exit
34. MUB 1  Next to Room 101
100. GLRC 1 Next to Women’s Restroom


Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees must be provided “a reasonable amount of break time and a space to express milk as frequently as needed by the nursing mother, for up to one year following the birth of the employee’s child.”  The employee and her immediate supervisor will agree on the break times.