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Promotion, Tenure and Review Resources

Academic Faculty Employment Services reminds departments that resources for the faculty review process can be found on our faculty designated web page: The schedule of administrative deadlines is also included under important dates and deadlines on this page. Please call 487-2280 with any questions.

Performance Management Form Updated for the 2021-2022 Cycle

Michigan Tech is committed to an annual performance management process that fosters communication and engagement, encourages professional development, supports improvement, and motivates employees to perform at their best.

Human Resources is pleased to announce the updated performance management form is on the Performance Management webpage (

As a reminder to supervisors of all non-union staff employees; set goals now if they have not been set already for the 2021-2022 cycle. Mid-year review meetings with employees should be scheduled for October 2021.

Any questions can be sent to

Position Authorization (Blue) Form Changes

In an effort to better serve our customers, and to help make the internal process more efficient, Human Resources (HR) has made alterations to the position authorization (blue) form used when initiating a search and/or hire. There will now be two forms: one for faculty and one for all staff (union and non-union). The updated forms are online: Faculty Position Authorization Form and Staff Position Authorization Form. Please remember to utilize these new links and remove any saved documents from desktops or drives.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact your Employment Services Representative.

Special Operating Hours Over Thanksgiving Break

Special Operating Hours Over Thanksgiving Break


The University will be closed on the following days—Thursday, Nov. 23 and Friday, Nov. 24. Business Operations has posted the departmental hours of operation during the Thanksgiving break on their website.

This will be updated regularly prior to Nov. 23. If your department has not yet submitted your Special Operating Hours, do so using this google form posted on the website.

Note: for employees in units considered critical areas of operation, regular hours and shifts will continue as usual and as needed over the entire break. Check with your supervisor to determine if you or your area is considered a critical area of operation.

For questions, contact Business Operations at 7-2148.


Worried About Winter Weather?

With winter weather approaching, now is a good time for departments to begin discussing communication procedures for weather-related absences. During times when weather conditions deteriorate, each person within the University community must exercise personal judgment on the ability to get to or from campus.

Interruptions in work due to weather are no different than other events that cause us to leave work early or arrive late. The first thing employees should do is contact their supervisors directly and explain the situation.

Hourly employees may use vacation or comp time to make up for hours missed due to bad weather. Exempt employees are expected to fulfill their regular job responsibilities.

Please exercise caution in adverse conditions. In the event the local public schools are closed, remember that Michigan Tech has a policy regarding Children in the Workplace.
For questions or concerns, employees should contact Human Resources at 7-2280 or email Amy Mensch at

Newly Trained Conflict Resolution Mediators

Human Resources would like to congratulate sixteen (16) Michigan Tech staff on their completion of the UPCAP Resolution Services Training. The training consisted of forty (40) hours of in-class work which included role-playing conflict scenarios as well as coaching from local area mediators.

Please, congratulate the following staff on their completion.

  • Amber Groustra
  • Johnny Diaz
  • Susan Sullivan
  • Cori Massoglia
  • Heidi Reid
  • Ashley DeVoge
  • Jen Wall
  • Kellie Raffaelli
  • Madeline Mercado Voelker
  • Brenda Rudiger
  • Ann Kitalong-Will
  • Wanda Joseph (Mediation Trainer)
  • Theresa Jacques
  • Brian Hutzler
  • Angela Hoffman
  • Zack Rubinstein
  • Andrew Miles


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Informational Sessions

Human Resources hosted two informational sessions to provide employees with information on how the Department of Labor’s (DOL) salary threshold changes will directly affect them.

Human Resources has created a dedicated webpage with information on the new FLSA standards including a timeline for implementation, updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other useful resources. The web page can be found here

Thank you for attending the FLSA Informational Sessions and if you missed them, please view the presentation here.

For any additional questions, please contact Human Resources 906-487-2280.

How to record compensatory time

Beginning July 3, 2016, eligible hourly employees will track their compensatory time balance using their time entry method (web time entry, department time entry, Time Clock Plus, paper time sheet). To use this feature, employees will record two different earning types; one to build the balance and one to use the balance. After each pay period is processed, the employee and their time entry approver can view the new compensatory time balance via Banweb.

Below is how the new compensatory time tracking will be recorded for each of the different time entry methods:

Web Time Entry

The earning type “Comp Time Earned” will be used to accrue (add) hours to the Compensatory Time balance.
The earning type “Comp Time Taken” will be used to reduce (subtract) hours from the Compensatory Time balance.

Time Clock Plus

The job code “Comp Time Earned” will be used to accrue (add) hours to the Compensatory Time balance.
The job code “Comp Time Taken” will be used to reduce (subtract) hours from the Compensatory Time balance.

 Department Time Entry

The earnings code 450 will be used to accrue (add) hours to the Compensatory Time balance.
The earnings code 460 will be used to reduce (subtract) hours from the Compensatory Time balance.

Paper Time Sheet

The earn code 450 will be used to accrue (add) hours to the Compensatory Time balance.
The earn code 460 will be used to reduce (subtract) hours from the Compensatory Time balance.