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Reflections of a Fair Historian: The Joys of World’s Fair Scholarship

Social Sciences Brown Bag Presentation Tuesday

The social sciences department’s noon brown bag series presents, “Reflections of a Fair Historian: The Joys of World’s Fair Scholarship,” by Robert Rydell, Montana State University. The talk will take place Tuesday, Nov. 19, at noon in Chem-Sci 104b. Please contact Rebecca Graff with any question,

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From Architecture to Zippers: World’s Fairs and the Invention(s) of the Modern World

Social Sciences Lecture Nov. 19

Robert Rydell, Michael P. Malone Professor of History and director, MSU Humanities Institute, Montana State University, will discuss “From Architecture to Zippers: World’s Fairs and the Invention(s) of the Modern World,” Tuesday, Nov. 19, 5 p.m., MUB Alumni Lounge.

Beginning with London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition (1851) and continuing into our own time, the Shanghai World Expo (2010), world’s fairs have shaped the modern world. After briefly examining the history (and future) of world’s fairs, Professor Rydell will explore how a series of technological inventions and innovations that debuted at world’s fairs made the world modern. Visited by well over a billion people since 1851 (the Shanghai fair alone attracted 70 million), world’s fairs mapped mental and cultural landscapes and, not incidentally, made progress seem like great fun especially when it came at the expense of “others.”

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Baird Presents on Indigenous Heritage Landscapes

Melissa Baird
Melissa Baird

Melissa Baird, assistant professor of anthropology in social sciences department, presented a paper in an invited conference in October sponsored by the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden entitled “Extractive Industries and Indigenous Heritage Landscapes.”

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Breaking Digital Barriers to Present an Online Seminar

Breaking Digital BarriersMichigan Tech’s Breaking Digital Barriers Group to present an Online Seminar for People Who Help Older Adults Use Technology.

The one-week online seminar, Digital Literacy and the Older Adults, is for anybody who:

*helps older adults use technology,
*wants to help people in their community cope with the rapid change in technology that has become part of our everyday life, and
*or anyone who has ever tried to debug their parents’ computer problems over the phone.

The seminar will run Nov. 18 to 22, with a time commitment of 1-2 hours a day.

The seminar will take place online. Registration is at

The Breaking Digital Barriers group is composed of faculty and graduate students in the computer science, humanities, and social sciences departments of Michigan Tech. They developed a community outreach program that helps older adults acquire the skills needed to experience the benefits of technology.

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Carl Blair and Study Abroad in Cumbria


Faculty Take Students Abroad

Social Sciences lecturer Carl Blair led a group of students to Cumbria, England, to study anthropology, history and archeology, in the fourth year of a “Frontiers and Fortresses” study abroad program.

“”I have been working in Cumbria since I was an undergraduate myself,” said Blair. “Cumbria gives a perspective on England that you are not going to find in any other place.”

Students earn credit in these classes. “This is a Michigan Tech program, taught by Michigan Tech faculty, with regular Michigan Tech classes, so for the students it is a seamless educational experience,” said Blair.

Read more at Michigan Tech News, by Erika Vichcales.

Gorman Speaks on the Story of N

Story Of NThe Friends of the Van Pelt and Opie Library invite the campus and community to hear Professor Hugh Gorman (SS) speak about his new book, “The Story of N: A Social History of the Nitrogen Cycle and the Challenge of Sustainability,” at the Friends annual meeting.

The presentation and (very short) meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 24 in the East Reading Room of the van Pelt and Opie Library, 4:30-6 p.m.

The Friends plan the Annual Book Sale (mark your calendars for April 1 and 2), and other events in support of the library’s mission. To get involved or learn more, contact the chairman, Amy Hughes (

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