Day: May 29, 2014

New Process Established for Termination of Access

To reduce the University’s exposure to data and security risk, when an employee leaves the University or transfers to a new department it is necessary to terminate connections established between the employee and vacated position. A Termination Checklist has been created to prompt departments in the revocation of data and facility access. The Termination Checklist needs to be completed for all regular and temporary employees and uploaded with the termination EPAF. The checklist can be used as a guide for student positions.

Departmental timekeepers will also begin to receive a bi-weekly report of employees in their area who have no reported hours in the last 30 days. The report should be reviewed to determine if they should remain on payroll because they will be working in the very near future. If the employee is not expected to return in the near future, a termination EPAF should be submitted.

You can find the Termination Checklist here. If you have questions regarding this checklist or report, please contact your department’s employment services representative.