Day: August 19, 2014

Registration Open for Part One of Staff Search Committee Certification

Register for Staff Search Committee Certification

As announced in the fall of 2013, Human Resources and the Office of Institutional Equity have partnered to develop a two-step Staff Search Committee Certification course that covers best practices of hiring as well as the legal aspects of conducting a dynamic search to ensure the successful hire of the best candidate. This certification will be required of all employees who serve on a staff search committee.

To ensure that all staff search committee members have adequate time to receive training, a phased-in approach has been established:

  • July 1, 2014 – All search committee chairs must be certified
  • July 1, 2015 – All search committee members must be certified

Staff Search Committee Certification consists of two parts:

  • Part One: “Recruiting and Hiring” Training Session – This training covers each area of the staff hiring process, provides direction for effective interviewing, and delivers other resources to support recruitment and hiring.
  • Part Two: “Best Practices of Staff Hiring (Legal Aspects)” Online Course – This online course was designed by the Office of Institutional Equity. It consists of an audio/PowerPoint presentation, hiring scenarios, and a brief survey. This course is made available to those who complete Part One.

If you have not completed the training and would like to, please register for the next session of Part One: “Recruiting and Hiring” Training, which will be offered on September 17, 2014.

Oracle Reports have been created for departments to verify if employees have completed or made progress towards certification.  Oracle reports can be run from Banner form GZAORPT, System “H, Human Resource System,” and Reporting Group “Training.” If a department needs access to these reports, please contact Alex Saari in Human Resources Information Systems at 7-1894 or