Day: June 17, 2016

Compensatory Time Tracking

Beginning July 3, 2016, eligible hourly employees will track their compensatory time balance using their time entry method (web time entry, department time entry, Time Clock Plus, paper time sheet).
To use this feature, employees will record two different earning types; one to build the balance and one to use the balance. After each pay period is processed, the employee and their time entry approver can view the new compensatory time balance via Banweb.
Supervisors will receive an email requesting the current balance of compensatory time for each hourly employee they supervise. This balance needs to be submitted to Catherine Burns ( via email by Friday, June 24, 2016. The balance  effective June 18, 2016 will be loaded into Banweb.

Compensatory time off is leave time in lieu of overtime payment at the calculation of one and one-half hours of each hour of overtime worked.

A supervisor has the option of offering to an eligible employee compensatory time off with pay, rather than overtime payment. All hours granted as time off with pay for hours worked in excess of forty hours per week or eight hours per day are to be considered as compensatory time off and scheduled as one and one-half hours for each overtime hour worked.

The employee decides whether they want to receive overtime pay or compensatory time off. An employee should make a request for compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay before the performance of an overtime assignment. A supervisor cannot require that an employee take compensatory time off. Compensatory time off must be paid out to an employee if the employee leaves the department of the University.
For more information on compensatory time or overtime, please view the Overtime Compensation and/or Compensatory Time Off 2.6017 at: 
Instructions will be sent to supervisors and employees in the coming days. For any questions, please contact Catherine Burns (