BCBSM Lunch & Learn Follow Up and Resources

Thank you to everyone who attended this event.  We learned how to download and navigate the BCBSM Online Visits app and better manage our healthcare through this technology.  Several questions were asked during the event and Molly Mikesch, our BCBSM Account Manager, sent the following response:

First of all, thank you so much for the opportunity to discuss The Value of Online Visits during the Lunch and Learn Tuesday.  As discussed, I wanted to follow up with answers to some of the questions that came up during the meeting. 

How do you sign in with older phones/devices?  

  • If you have Apple App store or Google Play you will be able to create an account.  You can always create and account through the web at bcbsmonlinevisits.com 

Can you set up separate accounts under the same plan? 

  • Anyone over the age of 18 NEEDS to set up their own account for Online Visits.  One individual will sign up as primary, and everyone else under the plan over the age of 18 will create their own account but will not indicate they are the primary account holder.  Any online visits for all members that take place through Medical or Behavioral Health will show up on your Explanation of Benefits statement.

 If you can’t be diagnosed during the visit will you get referred?

  • The Provider you are having your visit with will recommend you either follow up with your PCP, or any other Specialist he/she feels necessary.  You would still be billed for the visit even if there wasn’t a diagnosis made during the online visit.  However, if within the first minute or so of the appointment if the provider feels that an individual needs to seek care elsewhere immediately (ex: broken leg), the member shouldn’t be charged for their visit.

 Are all services covered through online visits and are all Providers in-network?

  • Yes, all services are covered and all providers are in network. 

 Do you have to pay for Online Visits at time of service?

  • Yes, you will be responsible for the portion of your visit you are responsible for, similar to what your co-pay would be if you visited your PCP, or co-pay for Behavioral Health Services.

 Where are the providers located?

  • The providers are located all across the United States.  They are specifically trained in online visits.  They have an average of 15 years practicing and are U.S. board certified.  They have experience in pediatrics, family medicine, and emergency care.  Psychiatrists are board-certified in psychiatry or neurology.  The masters and doctoral level therapists are psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional counselors.  They are licensed and credentialed in the state of Michigan.

 What if I am disconnected during my visit, will I get charged?

  • If you are disconnected, the provider will make every attempt to re-connect with you.  If the provider feels the visit was substantial and near finished you will more than likely be charged, however, it is up to the individual provider to make that determination.  Any questions or issues with this can be directed to 1-844-606-1608.

 Can I use online visits outside of the U.S.?

  • No, the program is not available outside of the U.S. 

Below are the links that we had issue with during the presentation for your reference:

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amp73PAh6uE&feature=youtu.be    How to set up an Online Visits Account

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeqG6FV7-lk&feature=youtu.be            Online Visit Testimonial #1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQL29MapRl0&feature=youtu.be         Online Visit Testimonial #2

Device Requirements

To use BCMI Blue Cross Online Visits on your mobile device, ensure that your device meets the requirements below.

  • BCMI Blue Cross Online Visits app is installed (see above)
  • To support two-way video visits, your device must have a front-facing camera
  • Operating System – iOS (iOS 10 or later is required)
    • iPhone 5 and neweriPad 4th Gen and newer
    • iPad mini 2 and neweriPod Touch 6th generation and newer
  • Operating System – Android API 19 (KitKat v4.4.0 or above)

Note: only applicable for consumer app

    • Android Phone
    • Android Tablet
    • Not supported: HTC myTouch, all Prestige devices, and the PantechP9070

 Finally, if there are any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  Again, I appreciated the opportunity. 

Molly Mikesch

Account Manager

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Upper Peninsula Regional Sales

Office: 906-225-4101

Cell: 906-236-2166