List Spread Tout Buttons Snippet

This snippet creates a row of gold or black circles or squares for statistic touting. The number or ranking part of the statistic goes into the shape and the remaining text appears beneath. The shapes could have background images instead of solid black or gold. The font color in the shape is gold on black or black on gold.



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Editable Regions

A page includes several editable regions. A site’s homepage includes three editable regions and an interior page includes four. The editable region buttons are shown as green buttons on the page after you have clicked the Edit button in the Page Actions Toolbar. Additional Editable Regions can be found in the section properties files, discussed later in this workbook.

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File Status

OU Campus has status indicators that help make clear why a page is not available for editing as well as who has checked out a page, scheduled an action, or if the page is in the process of a workflow. These icons are shown on many of the screens that display content lists, most notably the File Navigation sidebar, Pages list view, and the My Checked-Out Content gadget.

Checked Out/In

The checked out/in icon, represented by a light bulb, reflects the state of an OU Campus page or file. When a page or file is checked out no other users can make changes to the item until it has been checked back in. A page is automatically checked out to a user when they begin editing it.

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