Advanced Forms

The Forms asset within the CMS includes the ability for advanced functionality. This functionality may change on a frequent basis, so be sure to check back often for the latest information. If you have a specific form need that is not addressed with the current advanced features available, please contact

Some of the advanced functionality includes legends, additional classes, fieldsets, sizes, and prebuilt datasets. You can also set up a form to email different people depending on a certain radio button selection.

Global Asset Listing

There are several assets created and maintained by University Marketing and Communications, described below, that can be  used on your website. As the data included in these assets changes, we will update them and the updated information will automatically update on any pages where the asset is used. Check back as this list gets updated as new assets are added. Suggestions for new assets can be sent to These assets will all begin with [Global].


Assets are pieces of content that are saved in a central location that can be used on multiple pages or in multiple sites. If the asset content is changed that change is applied to all pages using it.

To insert an asset, click the asset icon, Square arrows icon in the toolbar to insert an asset. select the asset you want to use, and click Insert. The actual asset content will not be visible while you are editing. You will be able to see it from the preview.

Some University-wide assets have already been created for you to use including university-wide touts.

Social Icons Snippet

This snippet inserts social media icons onto the page. Frequently used in the heading of RSS Feed snippets (Full News, Announcements) or Top Title with More Links snippet or beneath the left navigation. This would create only the social media icons shown in the image. The Social Icons snippet was inserted into a Top Title with More Links snippet. It can also be used in a sidebar.

Social Icons example