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Advocates & Allies Call for Applications

Advocates and Allies invites Faculty and Staff to apply to become part of the Advocates and Allies Advisory Board (A3B) or Advocates Team. These two units will work in conjunction with the ADVANCE Initiative to plan and implement workshops for the campus and work to institutionalize the Advocates and Allies program at Michigan Tech.

What is Advocates and Allies? 

Advocates and Allies is one of three programs that are part of the NSF-funded ADVANCE Initiative dedicated to engaging majority stakeholders in the dissemination of knowledge on gender equity as well as actively participating in activities to increase allyship on campus.

What is the Advocates and Allies Advisory Board?

The Advocates and Allies Advisory Board (A3B) is a group of women, minorities, and gender diverse individuals who will work with the NSF-funded ADVANCE team to select, guide, and advise the Advocates Team. The two groups will then work in tandem to make our campus culture more inclusive by advancing knowledge, allyship and policy/practices.

What is the Advocates Team?

This group of majority stakeholders (men) will work closely with the NSF-funded ADVANCE initiative and the Advocates and Allies Advisory Board (AAAB) to make our campus culture more inclusive by advancing knowledge, allyship and policy/practices. Advocates will be expected to participate in program development and delivery while executing Personal Action Plans related to equity issues on campus.

Apply by filling out our form. Deadline is Oct 1, 2021.

Please contact us at advance-mtu@mtu.edu with any questions.

A&A Session for Chairs/Unit Leaders

During Academic Forum on Wednesday, it was mentioned that the ombudsperson talks to ~2 faculty per week.  This rate is consistent with results from Michigan Tech’s Work, Live, Learn Survey which found that 31.6% of women disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement that they felt supported and mentored during the tenure-track years or the 22.4% who don’t feel valued by their department chair/school dean.  I know each of you care about your faculty so these findings are disturbing.  

Crafting positive climates so that everyone is valued and feels part of a supportive team relies upon broad engagement of all faculty in a unit and the chair can help influence this.  That is why ADVANCE has adapted the Advocates & Allies program to offer a learning environment led by peers.  As a Department Chair, have you been concerned about your unit’s community and cohesiveness over the last year?  Have you wondered about interactions between your faculty in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion? or related to the University Senate’s Proposal 41-21?  

Research has revealed that retention of faculty is closely coupled with how included individuals feel and that attracting new faculty is closely coupled with how well systems ensure equity is embraced within a unit.  Our diversity counts illustrate that Michigan Tech is one of the least diverse campuses in the nation (second resource here).  All of this can be intimidating, but the NSF ADVANCE effort on campus would like to help with a one-hour educational session from the Advocates & Allies (A&A) program.   A&A sessions provide the data and research, starting from the beginning, that enables individuals to gain perspectives and help them become allies for the success and inclusion of non-majority individuals. 

THIS EVENT WAS POSTPONED. Through a department chairs only session, we’d like you to preview this program and consider inviting us to present to your department.  This session will be presented by our Advocates Team in coordination with the ADVANCE Academy for Responsive Leadership.  Please RSVP  and join us on Wednesday, March 31st from 4 to 5.

THIS EVENT WAS POSTPONED. When: Mar 31, 2021 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Register in advance for this meeting:https://michigantech.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcvdumqqj8jEtKTYYe0ArOPrzgqPUpuUOuE  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.