ADVANCE Weekly Roundup: An approach and resources to improve faculty evaluation practices

Multiple studies have scrutinized faculty evaluation practices and processes, identifying and quantifying the ways in which the historical construct of academic merit, upon which accolades and credit depend, is inequitable. While these findings can be discouraging and disheartening, ADVANCE is intentionally taking a broader perspective that the many studies about inequities in faculty evaluation systems have also yielded promising indicators and tools for changing those inequities. Recent calls for data-based audits of faculty evaluation and merit systems seek to revise how we understand and measure performance and achievement in academe. Such audits can ground more equitable, transparent, and accountable processes. Continuous improvement practices that involve audits and adjustments can increase morale and productivity for faculty and the institution.

The following resources shared by the American Council on Education provide 1) an audit of faculty evaluation policies , 2) a list of adjustments that focus on equitable principles, and 3) examples of implemented faculty evaluation reforms.

An audit of Michigan Tech’s evaluation practices with a focus on transparency, clarity, accountability, consistency, and flexibility within context could identify areas for improvement of Tech’s evaluative feedback mechanisms. 

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