Author: Megan Ross

Profile Snippet

This snippet is traditionally used for information about people that are not employees, such as alumni or student award winners, this snippet can include a photo and text on the left with a short description on the right to be used on a listing page with several other profiles. The short listing then includes a link to a full-page listing. If you would like to use this layout on just one page, not a short version and long version, you should use the Row w/ Left Image snippet instead.

profile-short profile-full

Blockquote Snippet

This snippet creates a formatted blockquote that includes the quote and the author.


After inserting the snippet, edit the quote and author content. If you do not have an author, you must edit the code to remove <span class=”author”>Author Name</span> in the code view or put your cursor at the end of the quote and press the delete key (in the section on a keyboard between the letters and number pad).

When used inside the Row w/ Background snippet it will have different styling.
Blockquote snippet in a row with background.

H2 Gold Bar Separator, H2 Graybar, and H2 Top Title Snippets

These snippets will create formatted H2-size headings. Gold Bar Separator make the text large with a gold bar beneath it and must be inserted in the left column of a 1/3 2/3 Boxed Section snippet. Graybar includes a gray bar around the heading that goes across the entire content area. Top Title includes a line beneath the titles that goes across the entire content area.

Example of a Gold Bar Separator heading.



After inserting the snippet, select the default text of “Title” and change it to what your heading needs to be.