Library Wins Prestigious Award by Opie and Van Pelt Library

Michigan Tech’s Van Pelt and Opie Library has received the H.W. Wilson Award from the American Library Association.

The award is given to the “library organization whose application demonstrates greatest merit for a program of staff development designed to further the goals and objectives of the library organization.”

In making the announcement, the awards  jury unanimously believed that Tech’s program is, “Empowering Library Staff to lead confidently and plan effectively.”

The committee went on to say “the desire to embed the Lean culture into your organization, will provide an enriched learning environment by which staff will certainly prosper. It was also noted that your willingness to include other local libraries in your training exemplifies your dedication to library services within your entire community.”

In addition to being named the sole winner, the library will receive a citation and $3,500.

The proposals authors and leaders were Laurie Stark, departmental coordinator; Lindsay Hiltunen, senior archivist; and Jenn Sams, instruction and learning librarian and student engagement coordinator.
The library sends a special thanks to Ruth Archer for her continued support of the library’s Lean knowledge and skills.

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