Day: March 15, 2016

Consumer Products Day and Enterprise Team Challenge!

Consumer Products Day is being held on Friday April 8 & Saturday April 9 and we’d like to offer an “Enterprise Challenge” to all other enterprises to create a team for this event.

Cash prizes (1st place teams $2,400, 2nd $1,600 and 3rd place team $800) are available to the winning teams. See the attached info for more details or visit our website.
Here’s how it works:
Students work in self-selected teams from a variety of majors and will be given a box of products from company reps to recreate or redesign these products for use in other ways. A great example of this is the Post-it note. It was invented solely by accident (read about it here). This Shark-tank style event will feature company reps who challenge students to come up with a new business idea from use of their products. This event, sponsored by Career Services in collaboration with Consumer Products Manufacturing Enterprise (CPM) features four companies on campus for the event; Amway, Kimberly Clark, Dow Chemical and 3M.

In order to promote the event, we are asking that you share this information with your enterprises. Students from the CPM Enterprise are also available to attend your enterprise meetings for maybe 5 minutes (start or end of meeting) to explain the event to your students. If you are interested in this, please contact Shelley Farrey in Career Services or Matthew Manning of CPM Enterprise to coordinate your meeting time.