Day: September 13, 2016

Wege Prize 2017: “How do we create a circular economy?”

Enterprise Teams — please see the following announcement regarding this year’s Wege Prize competition.

What is Wege Prize?

Wege Prize is a yearly student design competition that gives teams of five the chance to collaborate across institutional and disciplinary boundaries, use design thinking principles, and contend for $30,000 in total cash prizes, all while helping to show the world what the future of problem solving looks like.

Who can participate?

Teams must be comprised of undergraduate students, have exactly 5 team members, include at least 3 different academic disciplines, and represent at least 2 different institutions of higher education (institutions can be defined as Schools or Colleges within the same University).

2017 Design Brief:
Rules and Timeline:

Wege prize 2017 timeline

2016 Winners: