Enterprise Course Modules Offered for Fall 2018

The following ENT courses are available for the Fall 2018 semester:

ENT2961 Teaming in the Enterprise
ENT2962 Communication Contexts
ENT3953 Ideate, Innovate, Create!
ENT3954 Enterprise Market Principles
ENT3956 Industrial Health and Safety
ENT3958 Ethics in Engineering Design and Implementation
ENT3959 Fundamentals of Six Sigma
ENT3961 Enterprise Strategic Leadership
ENT3964 Project Management
ENT3979 Alternative Energy Technology
ENT3982 Continuous Improvement Using Lean Principles

1. Per Enterprise Program policy, course modules must have a minimum enrollment of 10 students in order to be taught; courses that do not reach the minimum enrollment will be canceled, and students will be notified prior to the start of the semester.
2. ENT2961 (2 credits) & ENT2962 (1 credit) are approved on the Restricted HASS list. Please see your academic advisor for more details on applying these toward your degree.

Course Descriptions: