Category: Snippets

H2 Gold Bar Separator, H2 Graybar, and H2 Top Title Snippets

These snippets will create formatted H2-size headings. Gold Bar Separator make the text large with a gold bar beneath it and must be inserted in the left column of a 1/3 2/3 Boxed Section snippet. Graybar includes a gray bar around the heading that goes across the entire content area. Top Title includes a line beneath the titles that goes across the entire content area.

Example of a Gold Bar Separator heading.



After inserting the snippet, select the default text of “Title” and change it to what your heading needs to be.

Faculty/Staff Personnel Items Start to Finish

Creating faculty/staff listings involves a few steps. First, you must create a Personnel Information for each person. If you are including an employee who is already listed in another department, you will still create the page, but you will pull in content from the other listing. Once that is created you will be able to add people to the listing pages. A Quick Guide PDF is also available.

Social Icons Snippet

This snippet inserts social media icons onto the page. Frequently used in the heading of RSS Feed snippets (Full News, Announcements) or Top Title with More Links snippet or beneath the left navigation. This would create only the social media icons shown in the image. The Social Icons snippet was inserted into a Top Title with More Links snippet. It can also be used in a sidebar.

Social Icons example