May 6, 2020 ADVANCE Weekly Roundup

Over the past several weeks, the ADVANCE Weekly Roundup has highlighted the numerous ways in which the pandemic has impacted faculty and their research and teaching efforts. While it is important that we acknowledge these impacts, it is more important that we understand ways in which we can provide support during these trying times. This week’s edition of the ADVANCE Weekly Roundup highlights a recent publication from ASPIRE, The National Alliance For Inclusive & Diverse STEM Faculty, highlights efforts we can undertake to support faculty both during and after the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order without sacrificing all of the progress we’ve made towards a more equitable campus.  Knowledge of the data and resources included in this article can be valuable in communicating and applying policies in an equitable manner.

The ADVANCE Weekly Roundup is brought to you by ADVANCE at Michigan Tech, which is an NSF-funded initiative dedicated to improving faculty career success, retention, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Contact us to learn more about this week’s topic, our mission, programming efforts, or to check out our growing collection of resources (, website:

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