Tech Team Wins NASA’s BIG Idea Challenge

The post below has been reposted from the Jan. 13, 2021 edition of Tech Today.

A team from Michigan Tech has captured the top prize in the finals of NASA’s BIG Idea Challenge. BIG stands for Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-changing.

The Michigan Tech team was one of eight finalists in the competition. Teams were challenged to present their innovative concepts addressing near-term technology capability requirements to support NASA’s exploration objectives for permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) in and near the moon’s polar regions. This intense competition will be judged by a panel of NASA and industry experts.

The MTU team’s winning project is Tethered permanently shadowed Region EXplorer (T-REX). Paul van Susante (ME-EM) is the faculty advisor/Principal Investigator on the project and graduate student Marcello Guadagno, is the student lead.

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