What You Said about Tech in November…..

From “End of Earth Sign” on Facebook

“I have the postcard with that picture. Got it back in the 90s when I was on the alumni board” -Rick M.

Have the tee-shirt with this on it from the early 80’s.” -Kristy I.

Have had that post card for… ah, 35 years 😎….. more like 40 I think.” -David H.

I had this as a postcard that I bought in 1992. So great!” -Travis C.

“Taken by two of my Alpha Phi Omega Brothers!” -Dave S.

What a beautiful and special place.” -Gary Y.

And the bumper sticker that says’ “God’s area code is 906.” -Nancy M.

And Freda is where the road ends” -Griff C.

I know that goes back to the early 70’s if not the late 60’s” -Gordon M.

I wonder if the 2 students who created it would reprint it as either a post-card or a t-shirt?” -Ris B.

From “Two Tech Schools Becoming Colleges” on Facebook

I’ve done very well with my business degree from Michigan Tech. I’m proud to hear of this news!” Brad R

The training I got from the forestry school has made a lot difference in my career development. I am glad to know school of forest resources and environmental science is now college of forest resources……. great” -Emmanuel O.

Thanks for sharing in our good news!” -Michigan Tech College of Business

From “Congratulations to Michigan Tech ROTC’s Cadet Mark Wallach for being ranked 8th in the nation!” on Facebook

Should make John Helge mighty proud and happy! Eh ‘Sarge’!” -Jan B.


Celebrate 25 Years! Class of 1995

Michigan Tech campus from the air


Welcome to the Class of 1995’s 25th reunion web page. It’s a special year for you! Eight classes, including yours, will celebrate a milestone anniversary in 2020. Communicate with your classmates by commenting below!

Main Reunion Page

LeaderShape Enters 25th Year

Since 1996, LeaderShape has provided a highly-interactive leadership development experience for 1,118 Michigan Tech students. This intensive, week-long institute continues to offer a unique opportunity to explore core ethical and personal values, develop and enrich relationships, and most importantly, believe in a healthy disregard for the impossible.

LeaderShape participants have gone on to achieve impressive goals as surgeons, researchers, engineers, military officers, inventors, entrepreneurs, teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, writers, missionaries, and more. The list is long. 

How did your LeaderShape experience impact you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Help current students become young leaders who “lead with integrity.”  Make a gift to the LeaderShape fund today.

Hunting Season, a Tech (U.P) Tradition

Bo Soli and Roger Dault, right, both of LAnse, after they bagged their two deer – 1958

It’s common knowledge that the Upper Peninsula has wilderness unlike any other.  With nearly nine million acres of forest (84 percent of the peninsula), it’s no surprise that many Yoopers take to the woods each fall in the attempt to stock their freezers for winter. That tradition has been popular with Tech students through the years as well.

We’ve heard stories of students hunting all around the Copper Country including some older stories of hunting on campus (the area now the Tech Trails).

Tell us your Tech or U.P hunting stories below!

Nordstrom hunting party near Lake Medora – 1950s











Portage Lake Pheasant Hunting – 1958











Grad student, Bill Bauer is pictured with deer he is studying – 1975