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TinyMCE Editor (JustEdit)

The editor is an authoring tool that makes it easy for you to format your text. When you click an Editable Region to make changes to it, the editor opens. The region you are editing is highlighted and a toolbar appears at the top. Many of the tools in the editor are familiar if you have used other programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Others are specific to this CMS and are explained in this post and in other instructions.

Toolbar within the region editor showing all the available icons.

File Status

Only one person can edit a page within Modern Campus CMS at any given time. The system has status indicators that help make clear why a page is not available for editing as well as who has checked out a page, scheduled an action, or if the page is in the process of a workflow. These icons are shown on many of the screens that display content lists, most notably the File Navigation sidebar, Pages list view, and the My Checked-Out Content gadget.

Checked Out/In

The checked out/in icon, represented by a light bulb, reflects the state of an Modern Campus CMS page or file. When a page or file is checked out no other users can make changes to the item until it has been checked back in. A page is automatically checked out to a user when they begin editing it.


A gadget is a little program that provides additional functionality or streamlined access to functionality within Modern Campus CMS. Additional gadgets may be created at any time and gadget access may be limited by a user’s permissions. Some gadgets are only located on the Dashboard or on the Gadgets sidebar, while others are available in both locations.

Each individual user can choose which gadgets to show or hide on their Dashboard or Gadgets Sidebar; some gadgets are context-specific, meaning that they will only appear when viewing a page or inside an Editable Region.