Enterprising High School Students Showcase Accomplishments in Detroit

Michigan Technological University and General Motors sponsored a High School Enterprise Showcase at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. Teams of high school students from Detroit, elsewhere in Michigan, and as far away as Puerto Rico, Atlanta and Chicago will present their work to find scientific and technological solutions to real-world problems in business and industry.

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Supermileage Systems Enterprise Mentioned

CBS Detroit mentioned that Michigan Tech’s Supermileage Systems Enterprise is one of three Michigan teams competing in the SAE International supermileage engineering competition, today and Friday, June 8, at the Eaton Corp. Proving Grounds in Marshall, Pa. The competition is part of SAE International’s Collegiate Design Series. See Supermileage.

Michigan Tech Engineering Programs in Washington D.C.

The HEV mobile laboratory was on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. On the labs first trip outside the state, United States Senator Carl Levin stopped by to give the students and their work a stamp of approval. “It may be located the Upper Peninsula, but all of Michigan has been impacted by it. Tens of thousands of engineers have come out of Michigan Tech,” said Sen. Levin. Michigan Tech Staff and faculty from four programs participated in the National Transportation Workforce Summit in Washington, DC, April 24 to 26.

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National Science Foundation (NSF) highlighted Michigan Tech’s Nanotech Innovations

The National Science Foundation (NSF) highlighted Michigan Tech’s Nanotech Innovations Enterprise on its research.gov website. The Nanotech Enterprise is using an NSF grant to sponsor a workshop that introduces high school students to nanotechnology.

The NSF article stated: High-school students are exploring the world of nanotechnology through a workshop called “Imaging the Invisible,” developed by the Nanotech Innovations Enterprise (NIE) at Michigan Technological University. The activities have sparked numerous conversations among workshop participants and NIE undergraduate members regarding nanoscale science and technology, as well as college life and STEM careers. This peer-to-peer approach enhances learning opportunities for all students involved.

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Enterprise Students Help Winterize Homes

Baby, it’s cold outside—but with help from a group of Michigan Technological University students, low-income and fixed-income households in nearby communities aren’t feeling the chill. With support from Range Valley State Bank and the Ford College Community Challenge grant, members of Michigan Tech’s Efficiency through Engineering and Construction Enterprise (ETEC) students are working with local service agencies on an energy-saving initiative to winterize homes in this cold and snowy community.

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