Constitution Day Student Essay Contest

essay_contest copyThe Michigan Tech Van Pelt and Opie Library is facilitating a student essay contest to celebrate Constitution Day, which will take place this year on Sunday, September 17th. Michigan Tech undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit an original essay.

In 600 words or less discuss these boundaries and the principles you would use in defining them. What is an example of a situation that might justify placing such limits on speech and/or on an organized march? What problems might arise due to such limitations?

Essays must be submitted by email to in the form of a .doc or .pdf by midnight, September 10.

Prizes will be determined by a committee of faculty and librarians:

First Prize: $300.00 certificate to the Bookstore/University Images

Second Prize: $250.00 certificate

Third Prize: $200.00 certificate

Fourth Prize: $100.00 certificate

Fifth Prize: $50.00 certificate


One response to “Constitution Day Student Essay Contest

  1. Hello! I came across your blog post about the “Constitution Day Student Essay Contest,” and I wanted to leave a comment to express my appreciation for promoting such an essential initiative.

    Constitution Day holds immense significance in celebrating and understanding the foundation of our democracy. Encouraging students to participate in an essay contest centered around the Constitution is an excellent way to foster civic engagement and critical thinking. I commend your university’s commitment to encouraging students to explore and express their thoughts on this crucial document.

    Essay contests like these not only provide an opportunity for students to showcase their writing skills but also allow them to delve deeper into the principles and values that shape our nation. It’s encouraging to see educational institutions taking the initiative to celebrate Constitution Day in a meaningful and educational way.
    Moreover, the prizes and recognition offered to the winners serve as additional motivation for students to participate and put their best efforts into their essays. It’s heartening to know that your university is investing in and encouraging students’ intellectual growth and academic pursuits.

    Thank you for organizing this essay contest and spreading awareness about Constitution Day. Such initiatives play a vital role in nurturing future leaders who understand the importance of our constitution and the responsibilities that come with being active and informed citizens. Keep up the fantastic work, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about the winners and their essays!

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