Enterprise Spotlight: CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise

CinOptic Communication and Media is a student team in the Enterprise program that focuses on creating photography, video, and sound in communicative media products for clients. They specialize in filming, editing, lighting, acting, and other aspects of media production. The team uses technology to “tell your story,” as advertised on their website. They focus on clarity and creativity in their projects, while also allowing student members to grow in their skills. Located in the Humanities Digital Media Zone in Walker, CinOptic has access to computing equipment, photography devices, editing software, etc. for their work. Within the past year, the team has grown to nine members, including three team leaders and a faculty advisor, Dr. Erin Smith. Additional information on the team can be found at https://cinoptic.hu.mtu.edu/.

Enterprise Team (as of March 2022)
Team Leader Riley Mehki

Team Leader Matthew Brisson opened up on his experience with the enterprise: “CinOptic has been the most important part of my collegiate experience so far. Without the exposure to hands-on equipment usage and real-world clientele, I would not feel comfortable on my current path. Michigan Tech doesn’t have a lot of options for Humanities students, but CinOptic has been the perfect organization for honing the skills I hope to use after graduation.” 

Julianna Humbecke, Team Leader for the biology educational series, describes CinOptic’s project selection process: “Dr. Smith looks over a project proposal, then presents it to the team for us to make the final decision”. She noted the freedom the team has in terms of who they work with.

One of Humbecke’s current projects is creating a series of educational and promotional videos for Biologist Dr. Erika I. Hersch-Green. She explained, “We accompany her in her greenhouse, lab, or mini-internships to record the processes that are undergone and the research she gathers. We then host interviews with her so she can further explain the procedure and we can edit an accurate description to accompany the visuals.” Julianna mentioned that the project is funded by the National Science Foundation to promote Dr. Hersch-Green’s research. It’s meant to follow her progress in research, as well as garner interest in biology and research from high-school students. 

Team Leader Julianna Humecke

Last semester, Humbecke traveled abroad to Germany. Fortunately, another team member could step in to finish up filming and capturing material until she returned. Humbecke described how the organization looks after its members, having members cover one another to help keep projects going.  During their bi-weekly meetings, teammates communicate objectives and project progress. 

Team Leader Riley Mehki followed up on Humbecke, stating, “My favorite thing about CinOptic is that everyone has a specific role and knows exactly what to do at the end of each meeting”. One of his major projects in the past few years was working with Isle Royale National Park to produce a video guide for visitors. The project included voiceovers recorded by a park ranger, with footage shot from the island. For Mehki, projects like these are “… a great way to learn to work with equipment and real-world clients in a low-stress environment”

Team Leader Matthew Brisson
From left to right: Brisson, Humbecke, and Mehki working on their projects in the HDMZ

If you’re interested in learning more about Enterprise at Michigan Tech, you can visit https://www.mtu.edu/enterprise/

3 responses to “Enterprise Spotlight: CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise

  1. The blog post mentioned that CinOptic works with clients from both industry and academia. It would be interesting to hear more about the types of projects they have undertaken and the impact they have made. Are there any success stories or notable partnerships that the team can share? It’s always inspiring to see how student-led initiatives can make a real difference in the world.

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  2. Hello, MTU Honors team! I just finished reading your article featuring Cinoptic Communication and Media Enterprise, and I wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for showcasing this remarkable organization. The article provided valuable insights into the work and achievements of Cinoptic, and I am truly impressed by their dedication and innovation.
    The article shed light on the multifaceted nature of Cinoptic, highlighting their expertise in communication, media production, and marketing. It was inspiring to learn about their diverse range of projects, from documentary films and podcasts to web design and branding. Their ability to collaborate across disciplines and deliver high-quality work is commendable.
    Moreover, the emphasis on community engagement and the impact of Cinoptic’s projects was noteworthy. Their commitment to raising awareness, capturing stories, and promoting social change through their creative endeavors is truly admirable. It is heartening to see how Cinoptic utilizes media as a powerful tool to inform, inspire, and make a positive difference in the world.
    I appreciate how the article showcased the experiences and accomplishments of the individuals involved in Cinoptic. It not only highlights their talent and dedication but also serves as an inspiration to other aspiring media professionals. The commitment to fostering growth and providing hands-on learning opportunities for students is commendable.
    Overall, I want to express my gratitude to the MTU Honors team for shining a spotlight on Cinoptic Communication and Media Enterprise. It is encouraging to see such a dedicated and innovative organization making an impact through their creative projects. I look forward to witnessing the continued success and positive influence of Cinoptic in the realm of communication and media.
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